Why You Need MLSP!!!

MLSP-Header1-1[1]My Lead System Pro or MLSP is the world’s No 1 online lead-generation system for Affiliate Marketers, Network Marketers and Internet Marketers…

Since 2008 MLSP has dominated the market helping countless business owners take their business’ to new levels…many of them went on to become 6 and 7 figure earners…

Let’s take a look at what MLSP has to offer and why you need to start using this system…TODAY!!!

mlsp_badge1[1]What Is MLSP?
What is MLSPMLSP has answered the prayers of many in the network marketing industry struggling to recruit or sell their products…it is an Attraction Marketing and Lead Generation system for the Network Marketer.

Every online marketing tool you could ever ask for has been brought together under MLSP…lead capture pages, social media apps for lead generation, blog platform etc…fully integrated, MLSP is the most powerful online marketing system out there…giving you what it takes to dominate your niche in one of the most competitive industries out there.

Does MLSP Work?

MLSP-Banner-300x192[1]I once asked this question…not any more though!!! The answer is…ABSOLUTELY!!! Most Network Marketers are drifting without direction, not sure what to do next…MLSP takes the novice marketer and gives them direction, and with 1000’s of hours of step-by-step training videos they learn to become professional online marketers…many like myself saw results almost straight away…

How does MLSP Work?

mlsp[1]Like I said…MLSP is an Attraction Marketing system. Once you have identified your target niche or ‘pond’…in most cases this would be people already in the Network Marketing industry…you use the MLSP tools to go ‘fishing’…MLSP will show you the best bait to use to get the best fish and how to reel them in.

This is done not by trying to sell them our products or get them to join our biz’ op’…most people are simply not interested…but by offering solutions for the biz’ op’ they are already in.

badge-success[1]We identify their problems and offer them FREE solutions…a taster of what MLSP can offer. It doesn’t take them long to realise that MLSP is the ‘real deal’ and that full access to the MLSP system is the ultimate solution they have been looking for…

How Much does MLSP Cost?

Screen-Shot-2014-09-19-at-2.58.08-PM[1]A better question to ask would be…how much does it not cost? A lot less than most pay for a college course in marketing, a franchise in a business, the cost of building and running a blog platform etc…estimations are that to try to build all aspects of the MLSP system yourself or pay for others to build and maintain as stand alone system would cost 10,000’s…

However, there are two levels you can join MLSP with….

mlsp-badge-new-user[1]For My Lead System ProUniversity Membership you can take a 10 day trial for only $10 and then there after pay $49.97 a month. Here are some of the many tools and benefits this will give you:

  • CRM – Customer Relations Manager
  • Funnelizer – Create Custom Sales Offers & Funnels
  • Marketing Training & Education
  • MLSP Marketing Campaigns
  • System Mastery Webinars
  • Custom Autoresponder Integration
  • 5 Lead-Gen Bonuses – $1500 Value…and much more….

MLSP-Mastery-Level[1]For My Lead System Pro Mastery Membership you can take a 10 day trial for only $10 and then there after pay $149 per month. You get everything that a University Membership gets as well as:

  • SITES – Professional Blog Platform with SEO (worth the membership fee alone)
  • Custom Membership Options
  • Built For You Capture Pages
  • 100% Pure Profit Products
  • Collect $100 Per Member Per Month…and much more….

What Sort Of Business Can MLSP Be Used For?

You can customise your capture pages, blogs or autoresponders to promote your primary business…this can be almost any type of business. It’s most commonly used by Network Marketers for lead generation and product sales.

blueprint-step4-right-3[1]MLSP also have a FREE affiliate option where you can build a team within MLSP…as a Mastery Member you get $100 every month for each active Mastery Member in your team…it doesn’t take a genius to see that with only two members in your team you have your costs covered. With Mastery you also get access and ‘rights’ to sell more than 15 profit campaigns with 100% commissions directly to you.

All top earners have multiple streams of income…MLSP gives you that opportunity.

Who Is MLSP Not For?

MLSP AppsI expect that if you are still reading this blog then you are serious about your business and are probably ready to join MLSP…However, if you are a tryer then I expect that you will fail in any type of business.

MLSP will give you the tools and training to succeed..as long as you have the right mind set. You either want financial freedom or you don’t!!!

To me MLSP is a no brainer and I will never go back to the old ‘medieval’ ways of Network Marketing…you can’t unlearn what you’ve learnt.

MLSP is for everybody but not everybody is for MLSP…you still need to work hard and you need to be serious about your business. You will find yourself on a steep learning curve and you will need to have enough motivation to keep you going when you hit a bump in the road.

So Are You Ready???

MLSP-Total-Transformation-Webinar[1]If yes, then click on the most relevant link below…if you come in at University Level then you can always upgrade to Mastery later…you can also get a cheaper subscription by paying quarterly, half yearly or yearly.

If you would like more information then feel free to email me with your questions >>> andrew@andrewscottglobal.com

>>> University 10 Day Risk Free Trial $10

>>> Mastery 10 Day Risk Free Trial $10

>>> University Full Membership

>>> Mastery Full Membership

Wishing You Abundant Health, Wealth and Peace

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