Why Should You Brand Yourself Online

I am sure that you have heard many people online tell you that you must brand yourself.  But why should you brand yourself.   Simply put,  branding yourself  is a major part of marketing online.  You have probably noticed that there are numerous companies out there competing in the market place for a single product.  For example, in the  athletic shoes market, you can probably count more than ten different competitors. In the air travel  industry, there are more than ten competitors which compete for air travel services for travelers both domestically and internationally.  In the MLM/Network Marketing space there are tons of Avon distributors,  Infinii distributors and members of your particular MLM.

How can  your prospects and potential team mates  distinguish you from one of your  competitors? This is where branding comes into play. In fact, branding is one of the most critical yet most unappreciated aspects of Internet marketing.

Before we discuss  the goals of branding in  Internet marketing, let us first discuss the branding on traditional brick and mortar businesses. Branding is an advertising method that is used to distinguish the products or services of a particular seller or a group of sellers and differentiate them from other sellers who offer  the same products or services. By establishing a brand for your own products or services you achieve the  following:Brand Yourself photo

  • You Confirm your credibility as an independent and reputable business person;
  • You motivate your buyer to patronize your products or services
  • You Deliver the message clearly to the public about your intention of marketing your products or services; and
  • Build a concrete and loyal clientele base.

In other words, the goal of branding is to give your products or services its own identity that sets you apart from other sellers offering the similar products or services. You will only succeed in your mlm if you have established yourself as an independent and reputable seller through branding.

The Benefits of Branding Yourself

  • The brand of your products or services will rest with the hearts and minds of your clients and potential customers. This will influence the way they patronize your products or services that may even result in the expansion of your clientele base.
  • It is what the people will remember about you. For instance, you have branded your pet products as “Pet Lovers”. Once the brand is consistently patronized by the people, you will be able to achieve success and your products will certainly have an edge over unbranded products.

As previously mentioned, branding is one of the most important yet the most unappreciated aspects of Internet marketing, particularly in terms of web advertising. Since most advertising programs are focused on click-through rates (since it is the basis of earning through online-based affiliate programs), Internet marketers often neglect the important of branding in their mlm internet marketing business. This is unfortunate since the success of an mlm business  is also dependent on brand awareness. In other words, branding is essential in promoting the an mlm business on the internet. Without branding, there it is nearly impossible to build the following that is necessary for success in marketing your mlm products and services on the internet.

Keep in mind that your goal here is to earn money and not to lose any penny. Thus, it would be better if you will invest on brand-based Internet marketing. It is easy to promote products and services that are already well-known to the public rather than unbranded ones.

Strategies to Brand Yourself

  1. You may think of a brand name that will suit to the products or services of your clients. Such brand name must not be too formal yet too lousy to the eyes and ears of your clients. You may include interesting words that will produce the needed “twist” to the name of the product or service. In most cases just using your name as a brand for your online mlm busines is sufficient.
  2. Since a brand is an intellectual property, you need to check with the Patent and Trademark Office (PTO) if the brand name is already taken by someone else. Once the selected brand name is still available, you will be able to apply for the registered patent of that brand name.
  3. Once you have decided on a brand, you need to consistently advertise the name so that it will gain popularity among potential clients. Use your brand on every pie

Your goal to brand yourself  should not be taken for granted. It is one of the factors that will help you achieve success in marketing your business online.

Wishing You Abundant Health, Wealth and Peace

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