Why should you consider network marketing as a way to generate additional income?

Several yearWhy Network Marketing - Reasons Why You Should Consider Network Marketing (1)s ago, a young lady came knocking on my door.  She quickly explained that she represented a company which sold several products that she thought that my wife would be interested in.  We invited her in and by the time that she left we had placed an order for some pretty expensive soap, and some other products as well.  Now though the soap was expensive when compared to say, Ivory soap, both my wife and I liked the soap and we placed several orders from that young lady…

That was my first introduction to network marketing.  Though the young lady never introduced the business opportunity to us, I wished that she had, because she was selling products that I actually valued and that I could have probably marketed to the people that I worked with who had similar values as did I.

Network Marketing Allows Ordinary People To Earn Extraordinary Income

One of the main reasons that you should consider network marketing is that it does offer a way to not only generate additional income for yourself and your family, if you do it correctly and stick with it, it can provide the basis for creating legacy wealth… That is wealth that you can pass on to your children.

Case in Point.  A year or so ago, I ran into an old Air Force buddy of mine.  He introduced his Network Marketing Business oppportunity to me and given that the timing was perfect, I joined. Now, the two of us served together and we also attended University together after work.  He studied business and I studied Computer Science.  Now some twenty years later,  though I was able to earn 6 figures in my IT Consulting business, he had gotten involved in his Network Marketing business some 5-10 years AFTER I started my IT career and he was currently earning 3 times more than I was earning as an IT consultant.  WOW….  Then I had dinner with his sponsor… And this guy pulled out his income tax check to show us his refund..

His income tax refund check was greater than my yearly income!  At that Point I was sold on Network Marketing as a way to generate serious income for my family..

Self Actualization

Have you ever been at work, either stacking boxes or staring at a computer, and you sat back and thought to yourself… Is this all that there is?  I know I'm made for something greater than this

If you are anything like me, I always knew that I was meant for more.  And even though I earned more than the average American in my Consulting career, there was always this nagging… this itch inside my head that said, “You can do more!”

Network marketing gives you the opportunity to scratch that itch if you are so inclined.  It lets you answer the question, “Is this all that I am meant to be?”

Personal Development

I was always a bit of a book worm/nerd, and I recall thinking back when I was in college that my dream job would be a job that paid me to learn.  Well, guess what, network marketing pays you to learn and here's how…

The job of a network marketer is not to sell anything, but it is to bring value into the marketplace and to help others by educating them and by helping them solve their problems.  Now as an Information Technology consultant, I already thought that I new a lot, but as a network marketer, I have found that I have probably studied more in the last 3 years, than I have in the previous 10 for my IT career.   Why is this so, well, simply put, if my job is to bring value into the market place, then I have to make myself more valuable by learning and being able to pass on what I've learned to others.

I've Got A new Attitude!

The other aspect of personal development aside from the “technical” aspects of the marketing and websites and sales knowledge is that in becoming a professional network marketer, I had to become a better version of myself.  Network marketing causes you to not only question your limits, but to constantly press against your perceived limits, to get out of your comfort zone so that you become, in some ways a totally different person and better person.

What I've found as I've moved forward in my network marketing business is that the greatest challenges were not a lack of experience in sales, or marketing, but in my mindset, my self-limiting beliefs. I have learned more about myself in the past 2 years because of network marketing, than I ever would have without it.

The education that you receive as a network marketer is invaluable and I regulary and gladly invest my time and my money in my continuing education!

The Thrill and Satisfaction of Working For Yourself.

Reasons Why You Should Consider Network MarketingI recently saw a joke posted on facebook,  that sums up why you should own your own business, whether its a network marketing business or not.

When I sit down to work at my business, I know a couple of things.

  1.  I know that every hour, minute, and second that I invest in  building my business lays a foundation for the wealth of my family.
  2. I know that I will never fire myself, or get downsized.
  3. I know that when I want to go on vacation, I don't have to ask a boss or anyone else for that matter.
  4. I know that I am working on building my dreams and not the dreams of either my employer or the stockholders of some other company.

When I start working on my business, I do so with an eagerness that I've never had for any other work that I've done, and as a result, I work longer and harder and am satisfied at the end of everyday, esp. those days when I know that I have done my best.

Being Able to Help Others

As I mentioned earlier, I always knew that I was meant for something more.  I was meant to help people. Network Marketing provides me a vehicle through I have been able to serve my higher purpose.  So, if you are like me and have a drive to help others, either through showing them how to solve their financial problems, or helping them live a healthful life or to help them with  some other problem that perhaps your company's products might solve, then network marketing can be a vehicle for you as well.

And Lastly…

Anyone Can Do this!

Now when I say that anyone can do this, I really do mean anyone.  You don't need to invest thousands of dollars to get started. You don't need a college degree. You don't need experience in sales and marketing and if you don't live in America – NO PROBLEM!    One of my first coaches was this guy who couldn't find work because he was a convicted felon he had a young child and was broke!  When he was looking for his “second chance”, corporate America said, “NO!” , but network marketing said, “YES!”.  He has since gone on to earn millions of dollars in the industry and has positively effected the lives of thousands of people.

The Downside of Network Marketing

There really is no downside. Network marketing, unfortunately has a bad name for a couple of reasons, which I won't go into here.  But many people think that network marketing is a scam and that network marketers are scammers.  This is far from the truth.  Professional Network marketers are in the business of helping others realize their dreams and by doing so, they are able to achieve their own dreams.  People think that network marketing is a “GET RICH QUICK SCHEME or PYRAMID SCHEME“!  This is far from the truth.  As a network marketer, you can only extract from the market as much as you put into it.  If you provide no value, then you can't expect to receive value in the form of money.  It will take you time to develop the skills and knowledge and it will require you to make some sacrifices.

One of my coaches often recalls the tale of looking out the window through the curtains whenever he heard his doorbell ring.  At the time he was avoiding debt collectors and his house was in foreclosure – he now earns millions each year.  He says that, “Network marketing is get rich slow”. Most of my network marketing mentors worked years before they started seeing the “Big Money” and many of them went through hard times, but they all stuck it out and because of their perseverance, they now lead lives that most people only dream about.  An old sales Guru, Anthony , used to say, “Sales is the highest paying Hard Work and the Lowest Paying Easy Work!”  The same is true for network marketing! Is network marketing easy?  HELL NO!  But it is worth it!

You will lose friends…

Average people have average thoughts – AND  YOU ARE NOT AVERAGE.  The fact that you tooks the time to read this far in this article proves that.  Average people are content in living average lives and question anyone who wants more, or they will ostracize anyone who attempts to “BE, DO and HAVE MORE” not because they want to hold the other person down, but because it calls into question their own state.  This is why many people involved in network marketing lose spouses.  The spouse of the network marketer ( oft times the husbands ) are uncomfortable with their network marketing spouse's aspirations to BE DO and HAVE more and they don't like that the network marketing spouse is investing time and monetary resources into their realizing their dreams.  Also, the network marketing spouse will begin to develop as a person, and that growth may intimidate their spouse.

Unfortunately, as the network marketing spouse, you might have to make a decision as to what's more important to you, your marriage or your  dreams for more – and only YOU can make that decision.

So if you are brave and adventurous or just want more out of life than the typical J.O.B.  can provide, I challenge you to look into network marketing!

As Donald Trump said.. “WHAT THE HELL HAVE YOU GOT TO LOSE!”  🙂

Wishing You Abundant Health, Wealth and Peace

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Let Me Send You a Free Recruiting Course!

How I Sponsored 2,704 Reps & 7,223 New Customers in Less Than a Year

My Results are NOT Typical, But These Strategies Can Work Even If You've Had Zero Experience.  As With Anything, Success Will Require You Put in the Work!
Let Me Send You a Free Recruiting Course!

How I Sponsored 2,704 Reps & 7,223 New Customers in Less Than a Year

My Results are NOT Typical, But These Strategies Can Work Even If You've Had Zero Experience.  As With Anything, Success Will Require You Put in the Work!
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