MLM Success Tips: Understanding Internet Traffic

understanding internet TrafficWhen it comes to building your MLM business online, you need to understand the different types of internet traffic so that you put the right offers in front of the right people at the right time.

You have to think about internet traffic in the way that you think about dating someone.  Generally speaking, you can't just meet someone and ask them for their hand in marriage.  It's a process.  First you introduce yourself to them, after some time you might ask them out for a date.  Then after sometime dating you have warmed them up to the point where you can propose marriage.   Potential customers and partners are the same way.  You have to warm those customers – that internet traffic up to you. In this article we are going to cover the three types of internet traffic that you will encounter while building your business on line.

  1.  Cold Traffic
  2. Warm Traffic
  3. Hot Traffic

Cold Internet Traffic

The first type of traffic that you will encounter is “Cold Traffic”.  Cold traffic is traffic to your web site, blogs offerings that no nothing about you at all.  They are not aware of your brand, your offerings your business.  They are complete strangers and generally speaking will not be inclined to buy from and have not opted-in to your list.

Warm Internet Traffic

Warm Traffic consists of people who have an idea of what you offer.  They may have seen some of your blog posts, or videos.  They are familiar with your brand and are beginning to know like and trust you.

Hot Internet Traffic

This type of internet traffic consist of people who know like and trust you.  They have opted in to your list and have possibly bought something from you.  You can divide this internet traffic into to types –  Those who have opted in to your list, but have not yet become paying customers, and those who have become buyers of your products and services.

One of your jobs as a marketer is to expose yourself to more and more people and to warm those people up to your products, services and opportunity.  In this way you can make sales, build a team and grow your business.


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