Tribe Marketing: Is It A Fad? 

Obviously “Tribe Marketing” is a marketing strategy that attempts to create social groups or communities that are centered around a product or service.

But to the shrewd business owner, tribe marketing can suggest much much more than that. Here is a short list of potential benefits:

* Automated Back-link Syndication
* Automated Facebook Integration
* Automated Twitter Integration
* Automated Blog User Collaboration
* Automated SEO Processes
* Automated Live Traffic Systems
* Increased ROI

Internet Based Tribe Marketing Defined

The goal of nearly every online marketeer, affiliate, network marketing pro and professional blogger is to extend exposure of their published  content to generate more traffic, leads and sales.

tribe marketingOne extremely effective way to do this offline has been to create advertising or marketing cooperatives. This is where you team up with other non-competing players and share the price tag and rewards of a joint promotion. Perhaps you split costs and share a full-page ad, each running a half-page ad.

Now imagine getting together with a “tribe” composed of dozens, even hundreds of like-minded marketing consultants with the goal of auto-syndicating their content and, in return, having them auto-syndicate your content to their network of social book-marketing accounts, Twitter, Facebook and other Web 2.0 properties.

Tribe marketing is a great content syndication platform.

Automated Social Media Marketing on Steroids

The magic driving the tribe marketing idea is one of group cooperation. You shared and promote each member's content as broadcast and, in turn, they share your marketing messages when you publish. The content is distributed automatically through varied social bookmarketing sites, micro-blogs, blog commenting, Facebook and Twitter.

To take full advantage of this new tribe marketing idea, you'll need to embrace the auto-syndication model.

Let's take a more in-depth look how this works.

One of the most highly efficient ways to get your content to rank higher on the search sites is to get some more quality back links from sites with some amount of authority – like Facebook, Digg, and Reddit amongst others.

Tribe marketing can potentially get you hundreds, even thousands of back links within a few seconds.

Also, since your content is basically being “shared” thru real folks actual marketing accounts – you should expect your message to be read and acted on by real folks as well . Your content will be seen by potential prospects and clients and this can drive real traffic.

One of the least obvious benefits are the potential relations you create in your marketing tribe. Like you, these folk are marketing pros always looking to increase profitability so think “partnership potential” and partnerships.

Getting Started With Tribe Marketing

You have two basic selections. You can set up your own “tribe” and distribution processes or you can join an existing tribe with a full-blown system already ready.

Making your tribe and outlet channel will be a big undertaking . Think lots of domains, masses of program installs, massive IT and lots of admistrative work on the back-end. This option is simply not realistic for most marketers.

Or if you don't want the headache and hassle of administering your own tribe marketing system, you may want to test out

Tribe-pro offers a no-cost trial account and it's easy to get started with little, if any out of pocket costs. Later , if you like what you see, you can upgrade to one of 2 vehicle syndication options dependent on how much marketing you wish to do and put the whole campaign on autopilot.

It's powerful once set up and established.

If you are interested in learning more about Tribe-Pro click the link below…

join tribe pro

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