If you are marketing online you should have a set of internet marketing tools that you use regularly to help you complete your day to day tasks.  One of the primary tenets of of running a successful online business is to automate as much of your daily mundane routines as is possible.  Automating your repetitive tasks using various internet marketing tools frees both your time and mental energy so that you can focus on the more important tasks of working on your business.  What follows is a list of 11 tools that I use to help me either automate my routine marketing tasks or just make them a whole lot less time consuming.

Recommended Internet Marketing Tools

Status Brew:

If you'd read my article which discusses how to grow your business using social media, you know that there are basically three things that you need to consistently do consistently

  1. Build an Audience
  2. Engage with Your Audience
  3. Sell To Your Audience.

Status Brew is an excellent tool for accomplishing the first 2 steps of the B.E.S. formula, especially if you are automating your marketing using twitter.  It allows you to grow your twitter and instagram audiences and it allows you to automate your messaging thus freeing up your time for other important marketing tasks.


Hootsuite is kinda like a heads up display for marketers.  It allows you to actively engage with your audience across all of the popular platforms that you might be marketing on.

internet marketing toolsSo, let's say that you market on Twitter and Facebook.  Then instead of having to open two browsers and flip between your Facebook account and your twitter account, Hootsuite allows you to view and engage with both platforms in a single unified view.


Video Marketing is probably the best way to drive traffic these days, and Camtasia is probably the best tool on the market for creating video. Probably 99% of the screen share videos that you see on the YouTubes are probably created with Camtasia.   It allows you to record from your webcam and screen simultaneously if you desire.  It comes with a number of free audio tracks and other tools that allow you to enhance your videos.


Canva.com is a free photo editing tool that allows you to add filters, frames, text and effects.  It has a huge library of images and templates, many of which are free.


Watermark is an imaging tool that allows you to add text, logos, and other graphics to existing images.  I use Watemark.ws on a daily basis to create logos, and images for my blog posts and Youtube Video Thumbnails.  Watermark.ws is great for creating branded images for Instagram and Facebook.


Content Samurai

Now, I personally hated making videos of myself, but at the same time realized that video marketing was something that I needed to do.  Content Samurai is a tool that allows you to take your written blog posts, and turn them into videos with a click of a few buttons.  I still use this tool to create a number of my videos, esp. from old blog posts that need videos attached to them.  Content Samurai is easy to use, and you have the ability to make unlimited videos as a user of this internet marketing tool.  You can get a Free 7-Day Trial of Content Samurai Here.

Post Planner

Remember, one of the things that we want to do on a regular basis is to post engaging content to our social media platforms.  Post Planner is an internet marketing tool that allows you to search for viral content, content that has already received a lot of likes, shares and comments, and then it can post it to your social media platforms for you.  Just as with Status Brew, Post Planner allows you automate your posts and it can connect to most of the popular social media platforms. Learn More About Post Planner Here

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Market Samurai

This is my go to keyword research tool.  Though there are free tools out there like the Google Keyword Planner, I like market samurai because it allows me to quickly and easily do keyword research so that I can get to the task of creating content without trying to decipher the results that I receive from those other tools.  You can download a FREE copy of Market Samurai here.

Magic Submitter

This is my go-to seo backlink builder and is the one internet marketing tool that really drives free organic traffic to my business.  Magic Submitter allows you to build hundreds of backlinks to your content on a daily basis so that your content can be found on the internet. Ultimately this will drive more organic traffic to your sites and help you build your audience, engage with them, through your content, and sell to them. Get A 30 Day Trial of Magic Submitter Here!

Social Monkee

Social Monkee is another internet marketing tool that I use regularly.  It is one of the  backlink building tools that I employ in my business.  At the basic level, you can get up to 25 FREE backlinks to your content each and every day.  And as you probably expect, there are upgrades that allow you to get up to 600 backlinks each day to your various web sites. CLICK HERE to create a Social Monkee Account and start getting 25 Free backlinks to your content each day for life!


Only wire is a social sharing tool that allows you to post your content to hundreds of social sites across the web.  It is a quick way to not only get backlinks, but also because your content is actually being shared on sites that people actively visit, more people will actually see your content.

So there you have it 9 Internet Marketing Tools that will help you accomplish your daily marketing tasks.  I hope this compilation is useful, what do you find most useful of the digital marketing tools we have covered here and other tools we don't?

Wishing You Abundant Health, Wealth and Peace

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FREE “Simple 4 Step Formula That Unlocks 9 RED HOT income Streams And Reveals How You Can Make Up $2,187.87 In The Next 7 Days, All On Complete Autopilot!

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