Network Marketing Methods – One Size Not Fit All

network marketing methods

Your Network Marketing Methods are critical to your success when it comes to recruitment and products sales.  Many find it difficult to duplicate what their up-line is teaching them…

This is because we are all different… the Network Marketing Methods that work for some might not necessarily work for others!!!

Trust me!!!…there’s more to life than product launch parties…so let’s take a look at some of your options…

When I first got involved in Network Marketing I was horrified when my sponsor told me that I needed to set up my first product launch party in my home…most of my friends were IT professionals who were already making 6 figures and I couldn't imagine that they would be interested in joining my business.

Traditional Network Marketing Methods

My sponsor was only duplicating what his up-line had taught him, and their up-line etc…I can’t fault him because she didn’t know any other way.

Most Network Marketing organizations provide training based on duplication, the system needs to be adhered to without deviation and then passed down to new recruits. We are told that it’s a tried and tested system that has worked for so many others in that company….

network marketing methodsBut what if the system being duplicated fails to address the individual’s strengths and weakness’…their unique skill sets??? Not everybody is good with public speaking or direct sales…one size does not fit all!!!

It is an unfortunate fact that the attrition rate in Network Marketing  is about 85% within the first year…if you’re not producing results in your MLM within the first year then it’s time to step back and take a look at your marketing methods.

There Is Another Way!!!

What is MLSPThe marketing system I am now using to get results is called My Lead System Pro …it is an online Attraction Marketing platform which enables the user to capitalize on their strengths to start producing results in their chosen business niche.

The idea is that we all have strengths and weaknesses, many think they need to work on their weaknesses before they can start seeing results…this is not the case, we simply identify our strengths, the skill sets we already possess, and adopt a marketing strategy to match these skill sets.

MLSP makes available the best tools for your chosen network marketing methods and then provides the best training available for these tools…this training is provided by many of the top earners in the industry, Ray Higdon, Diane Hockman, Todd & Leah Rae…many of whom have become 6 and 7 figure earners thanks to MLSP.

So What Marketing Tools Do MLSP Support?

network marketing methodsThere is nothing wrong with some of the traditional methods of Network Marketing, there will always be times where you will still need to follow up with prospects, either in person, on the telephone or on Google Hangout or Skype…

However, many of the systems provided by MLSP are fully automated and it is common for MLSP members to receive notification that they have a new team member without ever having spoken to that person…this happened for me within my first two weeks with MLSP.

network marketing methodsThere are tons of online marketing tools and techniques either taught or supported by MLSP, here are just a few examples…

  • Video Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • SEO
  • Network Marketing
  • Content and Attraction Marketing
  • Blogging
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Capture pages and auto-responders
  • Pay Per Click and Paid Advertising
  • Location Based Marketing
  • Branding and community building
  • Contextual marketing
  • Affiliate or Performance Based Marketing…

network marketing methodsObviously some network marketing methods are better than others at producing results and some will be more suited to your skill sets…MLSP provides you with best tools and techniques…you only need to choose which ones to use to leverage your business…

MLSPThe training is about the best available. It will teach you professional network marketing methods.  There is a ton of training available on the platform and for this reason you are encouraged to choose just one network marketing method and complete the training  and implement until you are able to generate 10-20 leads before moving on to another network marketing method.

So What Now???

network marketing methodsAs I already said…trust me!!!…there’s more to life than product launch parties…

You will never be able to build an empire by giving out free samples to your friends and family. You need to start thinking much much bigger!!!

If you would like to try this system for yourself then CLICK HERE for a 10 day $10 trial or email me for more information …click here for my recent blog Why You Need MLSP!!!

Also, bear in mind that, although mostly utilized by Network Marketers, MLSP will support and help you to build almost any online business… MLSP is not an MLM but does have an affiliate program, which you can join FREE as a subscribing member, enabling you to earn commission from product sales and membership subscriptions…I mention this because some MLM’s prohibit membership in other MLM companies.


Wishing You Abundant Health, Wealth and Peace

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