My Lead System Pro Review

My Lead System Pro Review, MLM, MLSP

You’ve probably read all  of the My Lead System Pro reviews and heard some fantastic “rags-to-riches” tales.

But how true are they?

Is the My Lead System Pro system the magic pill that everyone who is promoting it says it is?




For example

  • Another claims to have personally sponsored 207 people into his primary MLM business in four months.
  • One promoter claims to be earning over $10,000 a month after using the system less than 10 months.
  • And yet another claims that he went $300 to $6,000 per month in 30 days!

Of course we know that  it is illegal to make false claims while promoting  or advertising any product or service so we assume that all of these published claims are factual.

But can they be replicated by the average person who signs up after reading the glowing reviews my lead system pro review?

Let’s take a  hard, close and honest look at MLSP.


My Lead System Pro Review – The Good

Launched in September 2008 by  Brian Fanale, Norbert Orlewicz and Todd Schlomer, MLSP has been billed as the network marketing industry‘s first completely self-contained, generic, brand-able, automated follow up, lead generation, “funded proposal” system.

What does all of that mumbo jumbo mean?

Sign up, set it up, personalize the MLSP program pages, add your primary MLM opportunity to the back office and begin promoting it your perfect target market – frustrated network marketers.

When your audience reads  your forum posts, tweets,  your classified ads, your articles and blog posts and get interested. They  click through to your MLSP splash page, opt-in and are immediately added to your automatic email follow up system.

They are AMAZED and MESMERIZED by all the “rags-to-riches” stories and sign up!

You earn a nice commission. Then another and another as they invest more heavily into their business.

So, with MLSP not only have you “funded” your lead generation, you are also building a list of people who are actively looking for a way to promote their primary network marketing opportunity, which usually means that they have yet “cracked the code” to success in their MLM and have not yet started to make any money. Your job… you contact them, Offer support, accountability, free training and more importantly… the opportunity to work with you! Because you’ll teach them, guide them and reveal all the secrets to success.

My Lead System Pro Review – The Bad

When your car breaks down you take it to the mechanic to be fixed. You are buying a solution.

When people invest in “myleadsystempro” they frequently believe that  they are also buying A magic pill that will solve all of their recruiting woes on autopilot.. Sign up, set it up and watch the leads flow like water. But that is not the case.

My Lead System Pro Review, MLSP Review


MLSP is a powerful TOOL…

… which of course is absolutely worthless if you don't use it.

Which means logging on, personalizing the campaigns, and learning how to promote your article pages.

Because nothing happens until you learn how to take what you created within the MLSP system and get it in front of hundreds, even thousands of potential prospects on a consistent basis over an extended period of time.

Without promotion, nothing happens. Which is true for every MLM business. So the questions begs:

If you are having challenges promoting your current business, how do you intend to promote your business using mlm lead system pro? What makes the promotion of this product (and it is a product!) any different than your current opportunity?

My Lead System Pro Review – The Beautiful

My Lead System Pro Review MLSP Review

The secret behind  the incredible success stories that you have heard about MLSP is in the great training that is provided  by some of the most well-known, most accomplished internet marketers in the world.

Sign up, set it up, and then learn from the best marketers in the world. Copy them. Follow the instructions. Dig deep and work through the learning curve.

Then apply what you have learned and take action, massive marketing action.

And, you too, can watch the magic happen. Guaranteed!

Wishing You Peace, Abundance and Prosperity,

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