Setting up an MLM website in order to bring business into your business is an essential step in the present day. Even from watching advertisements on television or picking up a magazine you can see that, alongside the bullet-point information in the ads, there is almost invariably a URL for your website. The Internet is a serious business tool for both large and small businesses alike.  And unlike traditional brick and mortar business,  It enables average people to start profitable businesses with very low start-up costs.

A good MLM website, then, can be the difference between your business sinking and swimming. There are certain things that can drive potential customers away from a business with just a quick view of that business' website. These are simple things, but they can cost you big money if you allow them to.

Below Are 10 MLM Website No No's For You To Avoid

  1. Duplicate Content – Never copy and paste the content from other websites or sources. It can cause serious troubles with search engine rankings.  Also be ready to face legal actions from the actual owners.picture of mlm Website No-Nos
  2. No Clear Message – Have a clear message for your site visitors.  Explain what your site is all about and your visitors can benefit from the use of your information, products, and services.
  3. Bad Content/Poor Writing – Always create content that is relevant to your audience.Your content should be well written and grammatically correct.
  4. All Caps Content – All Caps content is harder to read.  It creates a rectangular form which is hard on our eyes ( and brain ).  We read words by shape, not by individual letters and choosing all caps gives the appearance that you are shouting at your readers.
  5. Make Sure that you have no broken links and that your links take your readers to pages that are pertinent to the subject at hand.
  6. Keyword stuffing.  The search engines have gotten smarter and this will cause your site to be penalized.
  7. Avoid long chunks of text.  The attention spans of internet surfers are shorter than that of book readers so break your content into short, meaningful paragraphs and use proper headlines and sub-headlines.
  8. No Call to Action – What is the objective of your site?  Lead generation? Direct Sales? Whatever your objective is, you should drive them to that action by placing appropriate Calls to Action buttons and phrases.
  9. Poor use of images  – The wrong image, the wrong size, the wrong placement – these are just three things that can make a potential customer's mind wander. And if you let their mind wander, it may just wander all the way over to one of your rivals.
  10. Personal Twitter/Facebook Feed – Do Not show your personal social media feeds on your professional site.
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