Once you are driving traffic to your website, you must be successful in converting traffic so as to generate sales and to build your team.  In a pprevious post, I described the three types of traffic, those being

  1. Cold Traffic – Traffic from people who no little or nothing about you or your products and services
  2. Warm Traffic – Traffic from people who have been exposed to you and your content but have not yet opted in or bought anything from you.
  3. Hot Traffic – Traffic from people who have opted in to your list or have actually bought something from you.

We can break down Hot traffic into it's two types as well (opted in vs. buyers ).

Soconverting traffic the question is, how do convert traffic from being “COLD” to “HOT”?  Many new marketers throw their links all over the ‘net expecting someone to opt in to their list or to buy from them.  The problem with this is that people generally only buy from those that they know like and trust.  So if you haven't built a relationship with your prospective customers, you really shouldn't expect many people to either opt in to your lists or to buy from you.

The challenge lies in converting that cold traffic to hot traffic – moving your prospective customers from strangers to people who look to you as trusted adviser.

Converting Traffic by Creating Valuable Content

One way to do this is to consistently create content whether that be a YouTube video, a blog post or whatever you feel most comfortable producing –  that informs, motivates or entertains your target audience .  And give that content away for FREE.  No opt-in or any other requirements attached. Instead of using lead capture pages to  build a list, you can use retargeting pixels to build a virtual list that will allow you to “follow” your target audience around the internet and to constantly market to them even though you don't have their email address.

As you produce this content, you need to get it in front of your target audience.  You can do this with paid advertising or with, my favorite method, Twitter.  The more of your valuable content that they consume, the “warmer” they will grow to you and your offerings.

converting traffic


The more valuable content that you produce, the more successful you will be in converting traffic to your content and the more that your audience will grow to know like and trust you.  And you can then start moving them through your sales funnel.  1st by offering a free piece of content in exchange for their email address.

Once have been successful in converting traffic from warm to hot and you have their email address, you need to honor that relationship and continue to provide value via your emails.  Don't oversell.  At this point these people are now considered “HOT”.

This is a process which takes time, planning and consistent implementation.  So once you have hot traffic, especially buyers, you must treat those people as though they are gold… Because they are!

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