MLM Success Tips: 4 Reasons Why You Should Become a Product of the Product!!!

MLM Success Tips: Why You Should become a Product of the Product!!!If you stick around network marketers for long, you will find that there are a bunch of sayings that seem to be repeated everyday and throughout the industry…  “You Are In Business for For Yourself but not by Yourself”...  “It takes a team to make the Dream!” and one of my favorites… “You need to become a product of the product!”

But what exactly does becoming a product of the product mean, and why is it important to your  mlm success?



1. Build Your Story…

MLM success is all about presenting your story and successes to those who are part of your network because those people already know, like and trust you.  So, if you were to go to your Uncle Bob, or Cousin Sue, who noticed that you had lost weight and they started asking you what you were doing, you could tell them your story about how you were using product X and if they wanted to try it, you could “hook them up!”  So the first reason for becoming a product of the product is that by using the products of your company, and getting a positive result, you then are able to develop your own story that proves the value and effectiveness of your products in addressing the problems of  your prospective customers.

2. MLM Success Tip: Build Your Enthusiasm about Your Products

One of the basic premises of sales is that in order to sell anything, you have to believe in the product that you are selling.  Imagine going to a burger joint and being served by a Vegan who couldn't stand the sight or smell of meat and had nothing but negative things to say about meat and those who ate it…   You probably wouldn't stay long or at the very least you would ask for another waiter right.  Well as a network marketing professional, how can you pass on your enthusiasm for the product lines that you are representing if you know nothing about your products and don't have any personal experiences  or enthusiasm about your own product line.  Enthusiasm is contagious… And  In sales, your enthusiasm is contagious   and if you don't have any enthusiasm about your products, where will your customers get it from?

3. When you are a product of the product you become a walking billboard for your Product line.

I've always been a student of the martial arts, and at one point, I had moved to a new area and was seeking a new instructor.  I went to this one instructor and watched his class… He was overweight, out of shape and his techniques were sloppy…   He was a product of his product, his product SUCKKED and I wanted no part of it!

I then went to another studio, and the Sensei was an older gentleman, who at the age of 65 could perform a side kick as high and fast and hard as I could at the time ( I was 25 years old!!! ).  Also at the time, I had already achieved the rank of 2nd degree black belt, but when I stood next to his lower ranking black belts, I looked like a beginner. I was sold!   He and his students, were products of his product and his product was FRIGGIN AWESOME!

So when you are a product of your product, and your products really work,  then your mere presence can be selling point.

4. The Economics of being a product of the product.

At some point in my past, I was bored and was in a place where they had very little reading material, but they did have one book about MLM success. Now, this was  Long before I was ever interested in network marketing success but I was bored and I hate being idle so I read the book.  The major premise behind the “becoming a product of the product”  argument put forth by this book was that if you are a network marketer, then you are like the owner of a grocery store in that you have a line of products that you can and should purchase from yourself.   Do you think that the owner of the grocery store goes to his competitors to purchase items that he sells in his own store… Of course not.  He purchases from himself because it just makes economic sense.

For instance, if I routinely consume protein shakes as part of my diet, and I represent a health and wellness company which offers a protein shake of equal or  better quality than I can find in GNC… Why wouldn't I buy the product from my own store?   I remember, back in the day, hearing a story about a Coca Cola employee getting fired because he was caught drinking a Pepsi product at work!

By buying from my own store, I

  1. Again prove that I have faith in the products that I am sharing with others,
  2. As I use the product my enthusiasm for them grow,
  3. I develop my own success story and…
  4. I support my own business by being a customer.

Why should anyone else support your business if you won't?

So though the saying may seem trite and over-used in our industry, if you want MLM success, you must dedicate yourself to becoming a product of your products!

Wishing You Abundant Health, Wealth and Peace

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