Marketing Your Home Based Business

marketing your home based businessMarketing your home based business is one of the keys your success. There are many ways to market your home business idea, and they do not have to break your bank. One  of the first things that you should do is to order business cards and professional letter head.   These are an easy and affordable way to brand your business and remind people about  your home business idea.

Marketing Your Home Based Business to your “Warm Market”;

Share your idea with friends and family, making sure they all have plenty of business cards to give away to others they are in contact with. When marketing your home based business idea, however, do not stop with friends and family members, as this is where many make their first mistake. You don't necessarily have to sell to them, but make them aware of what you are doing and see if they will support you in your marketing efforts.

Marketing Your Home-Based Business At Networking Events

Get out there and “rub elbows” with other business owners like yourself.  Attend networking events such as those offered on and Be sure to try to expand your network of potential clients as much as possible, sharing your home business idea with anyone you come into contact with. Another good way to do this is to join civic organizations, go to trade shows, be involved with parents and committees at schools, and participate in any other type of community involvement that may help promote your home business idea. Always carry extra copies of your business card in case someone is interested in your home business idea, or there is a good opportunity to explain what it is that you do.  When attending these networking events it's not necessary to tell people that your business is  a home-based business . Many times the phrase “work from home” can carry negative connotations, even though your home business idea may be a very serious venture..  It is best to remain as professional as possible by speaking of your home business idea on the same level as any other business venture, and refraining from automatically mentioning where it is located

marketing your home based business

Another inexpensive and effective way of promoting your home business idea is hanging flyers and business cards on  community bulletin boards such as in grocery stores. If you are on the lookout for these types of public bulletin boards, you will find them in a lot of places, and they can be an excellent and easy way of spreading the news about your home business idea.

 Yet another low cost and effective marketing tactic is to have the name, slogan and phone number of your home business idea painted on the side of your vehicle. This is very easy advertising!  And If you don't like the idea of painting your vehicle to marketing your home based business idea, there is also the option of a removable magnetic sign. Do be aware that if you use these methods in marketing your home business idea, you may need to make changes in your insurance policy or your registry with the Department of Motor Vehicles.

And lastly, sponsoring a contest with some type of prize is another way to easily and effectively marketing your home based business idea. If you work hard to make the most of everyday opportunities, you will find that getting the word out about your home business idea can be relatively easy and quite affordable.

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