5 Reasons Why You Should be Investing in Personal Development

Investing iinvesting in personal develpmentn personal development is one of the most important things that you can do to insure your success.  Unfortunately many fail to make those investments and as a result continually fail to achieve the success that they are looking for.

Back when I was a young Karate student, I had the opportunity to travel to Romania to assist my Sensei (teacher) during a week long boot camp that he was giving to a group of students there.  We drove from Wiesbaden Germany to Romania,  a trip that took about 18 hours.  As we drove we obviously had tons of time to talk, and my Sensei being the wise old man that he was had tons of wisdom to pass on.  Somewhere along the road in Hungary, he began telling us that he taught Karate, not for the additional income that it generated for him, but for a sheer love of the art.  But he went on to tell us that he had realized that he had to charge for his classes because people in general just don't value what they receive for free.  He explained that people would either not show up to class or not give the proper respect to the training hall if they were allowed to attend class without them having made some sort of sacrifice.

Now as an internet marketing coach and also as a Karate instructor, I realize the truth of  what my Sensei passed on to me all those years ago.  As a marketer, I constantly run into people who think that internet marketing/multi-level marketing is get rich quick –  That they won't have to make the necessary investment of time and money into their business.   I'm here to tell you that you MUST learn to invest in yourself and your personal development if you truly want success.

5 Reasons why you must invest in your personal development

1. You will Increase Your Value in the Market Place

Every dollar and every minute that you invest in yourself will increase your value to the market.   As you invest your time and money into training courses and coaching,  You will increase your knowledge and therefore your value to those who have not yet made those same investments.  Think of it this way, one of the reasons that doctors and lawyers command higher than average salaries is due to the fact that they have invested 100s of thousands of dollars and, in some cases, decades into their education.  The more that you learn, the more that you have to offer those that you serve in your business and the more that you can earn for your products and services


2. You will Increase Your Self Confidence

Back when I was in high school, I was ( and still am )  a bit of a nerd.  I did well academically.  Well enough that I received a scholarship to the Naval Academy.  But boy, when I got there, I found that I wasn't as smart or educated as I had thought.  Those kids were running circles around me.  One of my best friends was, as a freshman in college, taking differential calculus while I was taking college algebra. I received my first F's ever and was really not sure that I belonged there, however, after putting in the time and effort, I was able to bring my grades up and actually was able to get A's in most of my classes.  The experience of having put in the hours ( sacrifice ) and having gone from F's to A's definitely served to help me recover my confidence.  As you increase your knowledge, your confidence will grow as well.


3. By Investing In Personal Development You Will Begin to See New Opportunities

The more that you expand your mind and increase your skill set, the more that you will begin to realize that there are many opportunities for creating income, happiness and abundance in your mind.   Your mind is like a vessel that expands as you pour experience and knowledge into it.  The more that you learn, the more that you can learn.  By investing in personal development, you will expand your mind and as a result your capacity to see new possibilities and opportunities.

4. You will appreciate the value of the Investment

This goes back to what my Sensei was speaking of.  If I were to give you a $3000 coaching session and only charged you $1 for it.  You would value it as being only worth $1.  And as a result, you would not put in the time and effort that is appropriate.  However, if you had to pay $3000 for the coaching sessions, that $3000 actually represents a number of hours that you have already sacrificed, and as such you would have some “skin” in the game and would give the appropriate amount of attention and time that the coaching deserved.  It has been said that many lottery winners go broke in just a few years after winning millions of dollars.  This is partly due to the fact that they got something for nothing.  They don't value the money because they didn't work for it – didn't sacrifice for it. By investing in personal development you will give that investment the care and respect that it deserves because it actually represents a portion of your life that you have sacrificed for it.

5. By Investing In Personal Development You Will be Able to Get others to invest in you.

By investing in personal development and in your business, you will position yourself as a leader and others will be attracted to you and will invest their time and money to help you succeed in your business.  There are tons of people out there waiting for you to show them the way, but you must have developed yourself to the point that you are 2-3 steps ahead of your prospective customers, clients and team members, before they will be willing to invest in you.  By investing in your personal development, you become a lighthouse that people far and wide will flock to for guidance.

I personally invest in courses and coaching regularly and have had met people who currently earn millions each year, but still spend tens if not hundreds of thousands of dollars each year in their own personal development.  If you want to “be like Mike”  you've got to act like Mike.  These people continually invest in themselves because they realize that it is the best investment that they will ever make.  They consistently invest both their time and money in courses, classes, mentorships and coaching – Shouldn't you be doing the same?

Wishing You Abundant Health, Wealth and Peace

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