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In my Instant Payday Network Review I investigated how to make extra money by utilizing the marketing system created by Jeff Buchanan.   More specifically we addressed:

  • Instant Payday Network Scam or not?YouTube
  • How much does it cost?
  • How does it work?
  • Will I need to harass my friends and family?

Instant Payday Network Review: Is It A Scam?

We investigated whether Instant Payday Network was a scam in 3 distinct ways:

  • First, we checked the Better Business Bureau.  As we are writing this Instant Payday Network Review, there were no complaints submitted to the Better Business Bureau.
  • Second, we completed a comprehensive internet probe to investigate any Instant Payday Network complaints.  We found that the majority of the people writing about Instant Payday Network complaints were actually trying to promote it.  We did not find any valid complaints.
  • Finally, we reviewed feedback from our team members who actually utilized the system.  Our team members verified that they earned income by following the Instant Payday Network system.

After considering these factors, we gave Jeff Buchanan’s system high marks.

Instant Payday Network Review: How Much Does It Cost?

Jeff Buchanan created the Instant Payday Network marketing system to give people a way to build their income online with NO required investment.  Essentially, you can start to earn cash fast.

Instant Payday Network Review: How Does It Work?

Instant Payday Network Review: The Four Step Process

  1. Sign-up for a free account with Express My Cash Freebies (mycashfreebies), which is a 3rd party system that offers free or low cost trials for companies like Equifax, Experian, Gamefly, etc.  To qualify your account you must complete some trial offers.  Once you do, your account becomes permanently qualified and you can then earn money by referring other people.  As your referrals complete their trail offers, you get paid!  It is as simple as that! These companies are willing to pay you referral fees because they know that some people completing the trials will continue to use the products and services.  Although the actual available offers vary over time, in most cases, you can complete free trial offers and cancel them before you have to pay anything.  At the time we wrote this Instant Payday Network Review, our team members were averaging $20 for referrals who completed their trial offers.
  2. Sign-up for a free account with Double My Cash Freebies.  Similar to Express My Cash Freebies, you must complete free or low cost trials to qualify your account and earn income by referring other people.  At the time of writing this Instant Payday Network Review, our team members were averaging $33 for each referral who completed their trial offers.
  3. Sign up to receive Jeff Buchanan’s free marketing system.  Features include:
    • A high converting lead capture page and video narrated by Jeff Buchanan
    • A full video presentation narrated by Jeff Buchanan that explains the enrollment process
    • An email auto responder system for your follow ups
    • A  customer and lead management system used to track the progress of your prospects
    • A fully customizable back office that enables you to add your referral links, contact information, and picture
    • A closed Facebook group that Jeff Buchanan created with approximately 1,400 members who share their marketing best practices
  4. Sign up for Empower Network (optional).  Jeff Buchanan is one of the top income earners in Empower Network.  Empower network is a blogging system that enables members to earn 100% commission on their products.  The company offers several products that teach advanced online marketing techniques.  Therefore, in addition to receiving valuable information from the products you purchased, you can earn 100% commissions for each of the same products that your referrals buy.  Some of these products have ongoing monthly charges, so instead of earning 1 time commissions, you earn ongoing residual income.  Your commission stops only if your referral stops paying.  Think about that for a moment…as long as you make 1 sale of the product you purchased, your costs are covered!  Every incremental sale you make above your first sale allows you to scale your income very quickly.  As of our writing this Instant Payday Network review, Empower Network members who worked an average of 15 hours per week were earning an average annual income exceeding $88,558!

Instant Payday Network Review:   Will I Need To Harass My Friends And Family?

Herein is the true genius of Jeff Buchanan’s free marketing system.  His system provides free tutorials showing you how to market online.  For example, he provides resources showing you how to place classified ads on Craigslist.  In addition, you can join the closed Facebook group and learn about what is working for other team members.  It’s a great supportive community that will help you leverage your efforts.

Instant Payday Network Review: Summary

We fully endorse Jeff Buchanan’s Instant Payday Network system.  It’s a phenomenal system that enables you to earn income without any costs, which you can then leverage to get massive results with Empower Network.  And the best part is that you can do all of this without ever harassing your friends or family.

If you found this Instant Payday Network Review to be valuable and you are ready to access Jeff Buchanan’s powerful system, sign up in the form on the right of the page.

 instant payday network review Instant Payday Network Review


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