Infinii Review – Is it A Scam? Read This Before Joining

Hey everyone, welcome to my INFINii Review!

There has been a great deal of buzz around this company and I decided to investigate what Infinii is  all about…

  • Is Infinii just another multi-level marketing company?
  • Or perhaps, is it something revolutionary?
  • How easy is it to implement?

Is is possible for you to use INFINii to replace your regular job?

In this detailed INFINII review, we will take an in depth view of this company and take a look at behind the scenes “secrets” that  will SHOCK YOU!

INFINii Review – The Company

infinii review






Infinii was founded by Hitesh Juneja, Kevin Hokoana and Jason Rose…

There is a  large corporate team that makes up the Infinii team which provides customer support, product creation and other functions within the company.

The founders of Infinii have had great success in previous network marketing companies, and have used that success to create their new company.

In fact, I am still involved in one called DS Domination where they helped thousands of people earn money with Amazon and eBay through drop shipping.

Before continuing, I am going to be honest with and tell you that I actually joined INFINII.

Though I am a member, I am not going to hype it up, because I want you to give you information that will help you make an informed decision about the company.

So, what makes this company special?


 INFINii Reviews – The Product Line

With most network marketing companies, you have to stock up lotions, potions, go go juice and be on an monthly auto-ship…

Before joining INFINII, I looked at other network marketing companies like Amway, Visalus and Herbalife, and I just didn't like

the idea of having to purchase products ( that seemed a little overpriced) every month.  I wasn't sure if I could sell the products

fast enough and I know, your garage can get very full of these products that don’t move…

The other thing that I didn't like about some of the other network marketing companies that I looked at was that you HAVE to recruit

others to actually make money in the companies.

This is not the case with INFINii….

INFINii is the next generation eCommerce platform where they teach you to sell on eBay, Bonanza and Amazon.


With INFINII, you learn how to earn money by building a real eCommerce Business.  If you do not want to recruit there is no

requirement to do so, because your primary business IS your eCommerce business.  If however, you do decide to recruit people

then you may do so to generate an additional income stream.

In the initial training, you are taught how to drop ship using eBay, and Bonanza.  Drop shipping just means, you find an item on a supplier side for let’s say $50, you list it on eBay, Bonanza or Amazon for $70.

Once your customer purchases the item from you and their money is deposited, you then go back to your supplier, place the order and send it to your customer.

With drop shipping, you never take possession of the product..

So what we are doing here is SELLING HIGH then BUYING LOW.

So in that example, you would have made a $20 profit out of thin air because it was done all online.

I am going to go through the memberships next and show you the benefits of each.

PRIME ($49.95 per Month):

You will learn how to drop ship on Bonanza, Amazon, and eBay with over the shoulder step-by-step training.

The training is easy to follow and is very newbie friendly.

You will also have access to an eBay listing tool that will create listings for you in less than a minute.  This is a VERY powerful tool and will help you create your listings with ease.

You will learn how to sell on Bonanza which is another marketplace.  The great thing about Bonanza is that there are no restrictions and you are using the Google search engine to drive customers to your items.

The next thing that you will learn is cool concept called make money with shopping parties.

What you will do here is upload the INFINii APP and take a few friends and family to Walmart, Target for example.

The INFINII app will scan items and tell you if they are profitable to sell on Amazon.

So if the APP says, get this item you will make X amount of dollars…

Then you purchase as many of those items as you can.

Then you will send those items into Amazon through their FBA program.

FBA just means “Fulfillment By Amazon”.

So once you send these items in, Amazon will take care of customer service, shipping the item out, and returns.

You don’t have to do anything really other than send in more if your stock gets low.

You will get STEP BY STEP training on this entire system and  it won’t take you more than 30 minutes to learn.

It’s really very easy…


SURGE ($149.95 per month)

At this membership level, you get everything offered at the PRIME level and…

You get access to automation and analytic platforms for your Amazon and eBay business.

The tools actually help you to determine which items are selling best for you and will give you suggestions that will

help you increase your sales.

For example, in the spring it may tell you to list more “Outdoor Patio Sets” because those do well around that time.

Or perhaps in the winter, it will suggest that you to take down the Patio sets etc.

This is a VERY powerful tool…

You will also get access to INFINii Springboard Tier 2 product coop


EXCEL ($399.95 per month)

In this membership level, you will get all of the features of PRIME and SURGE and….

Complete Training on  Amazon FBA.  You  will learn to source items from China, USA or the INFINii marketplace.

This types of training can go for $4000-5000 typically, but you get it at this level.

You will also learn how to drop ship items on Amazon.

You will also get access to the INFINii Marketplace where you will get exclusive deals and discounts on products.

The discounts available depend on your membership level. EXCEL level members get the highest discounts.

There are THOUSANDS of products available  to choose from…

There is a REPRICER tool that prices your items to get the BUY BOX.

If you don’t know what the BUY BOX is…  Basically having the BUY BOX means you will make MORE sales.

You will also get access to an inventory tracking tool that will give you alerts if there are price changes or out of stock conditions when you are drop shipping.

This is a MUST if you are drop shipping.

In addition to all of this, you will get access to the INFINii Springboard Tier 3.

Okay, next I am going to explain these springboard coops,…

…warning this next piece of information will excite you…

INFINii – Springboard (Product Coop)

Welcome to the INFINii Springboard TIERED Coops that ANYONE around the world can participate in.

You don’t need ANY eBay, Amazon or Bonanza accounts for this because INFINii does all the work for you.

I personally do Amazon FBA where I buy generic products from China in bulk, then brand them, then send them into Amazon…

I also do a lot of Amazon SEO wizardry for them to rank…

Now that process can be completely elimated here in INFINii.

INFINii will do ALL the product research for you, buy popular name brand products instead of generic ones and send them into Amazon.

So remember how each membership has different tiered coops?

Well I am going to show you examples below…

PRIME ($49.95 per Month) – Springboard Tier 1.


INFINii will have multiple products to choose from, but let’s focus on this Spider Man Floor Puzzle.

So the company will buy 10000 units and will have 100 seats in this coops.

The cost for this seat is $10

The profit margin for this product is just over 250% ONCE the item actually sells out on Amazon.

Remember these are REAL tangible products that are being sold on Amazon FBA.

The time frame when they will sell will be in the back office.

So if you purchased one seat at $10, you could potentially make $26.10 once all of inventory moves.

So if you purchased all 5 which would be $50, you could potentially make $130 in profit once all the product moves on Amazon.

The caps are there to protect the company and members not to over sell.

See how this is exciting?

So if you are international, you can simply get in the PRIME level, buy one of these seats and sit back and relax.


SURGE ($149.95 per month) – Springboard Tier 2INFINii Springboards Tier 1-1024x171


So in this example, INFINii will order 5500 of this Disney Prince Workbooks.

The number of seats in this coop is 250.

The price per Springboard seat is $73.

The profit margin for the product is over 450% once they all sell out on Amazon.

Again there will be an estimated time in the back office when the units will sell.

The potential profit on this seat will be $332.70 once all the units sell.

These are not guaranteed numbers, but examples what is possible.

EXCEL ($399.95 per month) – Springboard Tier 3

INFINii Springboard Tier-3-1024x169 (1)

Again, there will be multiple product coops going at the same time.

Let’s take a look at this Spider man 4 Board Book Set

In this example, there are 8500 units ordered. There are 175 Springboard Seats available.

The cost of each Springboard Seat is $97

The potential profit margin per seat is over 600% with this product.  That just means once all the products sell on Amazon, it could make $565.85 profit.

At this level, you are limited to 20 seats.

The benefit of being at the higher membership levels is you can buy more in the coops, plus you get all the other stuff I mentioned earlier in this post…


INFINii Review– The Compensation Plan

I've reviewed the compensation plans of many companies and this is, by far, the highest pay comp that plan I have ever seen…

It pays out 75% overall which is double the industry standard.



INFINii Review – The Verdict

I know this INFinii Review is biased

But I never join a company unless I know that 100% that my team members will actually make money.

That’s why previous to this, I was in DS Domination for 2 years because it was all about drop shipping on eBay and Amazon.

I loved the fact my members were making money.

Now with INFINii, they are taking the eCommerce to the next level.

I am VERY excited about the actual Springboards you can buy seats in…

That is going to be a game changer.

Also, for all the Network Marketing builders out there, this compensation plan pays out the MOST.

I never seen any other compensation plan come close after reviewing hundreds.

So I know you are a smart person and you see this has a ton of potential…

You are probably getting ready to get started…

Now why choose me as your sponsor?

I am the TOP recruiter in my previous company…

What does that mean for you?

Well, when you join my team, you will get a ton of spill overs and I will be placing my members on my outside legs in the comp plan.

Not only that, I have made well over $800,000 in sales on eBay and Amazon…

I actually work the eCommerce side and I am qualified to teach you


This is for everyone else that just want to be a customer…

When you join my team, you will be getting EXCLUSIVE Bonuses for joining.

NO other member in INFINii is doing this…

You will get the following for FREE when you join right now…

INFINii Review– Who Are The eCom Ninjaz? and
What Do They Have To Offer Me?

We get a lot of questions daily from people directly to us and also to our awesome team members asking,

why should we join your INFINii team?

Short Answer:

INFINii is a company that provides training, tools and done for you services to make you money online from home (This is eCommerce) – And we as a team are made up of MANY people from all over the world who are very successful in eCommerce, from beginners to people doing well over 100K and they all love to help! So if this is something you want to succeed at, then there is no better place than right here with our Awesome Ninjaz Team!


The Long Answer:

For the longer answer, check out these 4 main points below…

1. Support – We Don’t Just Pretend…

Unlike many other companies, teams and people, we take support very seriously! And have in fact setup very successful support systems for other online companies non network related.

A customer support person with headset and laptop surrounded by the words Get HelpWe know that for our leaders to be successful they need to get their teams to be successful, we can help this by getting their questions answered accurately and FAST and that is for BOTH customers and affiliates!

Here is what we currently offer of teams in the way of support:

  1. Facebook Group: Currently we have over 700 people in here getting a TON of information, this is being managed by a few great leaders from different timezone’s who are all experts on the eCommerce and affiliate side. This is a VERY active group that also had a heap of helpful files, videos and images for both training and marketing!
  2. eCom Ninjaz Email Updates: Keep up to date will all thing INFINii and all the new and exciting things that are happening with the eCom Ninjaz Team to help you grow your business.
  3. Email Support
  4. Skype Support
  5. Getting Started Training: Lots of simple, no fluff getting started and how to videos and documents to get you and your teams profitable ASAP!
  6. Weekly Team Webinars: – Latest updates and then a Q & A session – EVERY WEEK!
  7. Weekly product training webinars: We are also about to start specific new customer focused training
  8. Support Ticket System: We are building a simple support ticket and FAQ section in the new Team Marketing System

So on top of the company managed support ticket system and forums I believe we have support covered…

2. Solid History With the Company

Our Team is lead by 4 of the original 150 founding members that helped create DS Domination.

Man Hand writing Building Solid Relations For Lasting Success with black marker on visual screen. Business, technology, internet concept.Over that time we have had the opportunity to meet and get to know the owners Hitesh, Keven, Jason and the rest of the corporate team very well, and are VERY happy to be working with them closely to share their amazing vision with the world!

3. FREE Marketing System

For people who are looking to participate in the INFINii Partner Program (affiliates) and build a team to generate even MORE income, we have the following to offer our teams.

INFINii and Team Ninjaz Online Marketing SystemMarketing System:
This Marketing System is custom built specifically for our INFINii Teams. And although it has a TON of really cool features for both beginners and advanced marketers, the basics can be used with little, or even no previous experience in online marketing and can be setup and working in only a matter of a few minutes.
This will be the BEST marketing system in the company!

Here is a few of the many features our team marketing system has:

  1. High converting lead capture pages: Continually being split tested and optimized (all done for you).
  2. High converting Pre-written autoresonder email series (all done for you).
  3. Simple to use Invite System
  4. Superior Tracking and analytic’s: Makes for smart marketing. Create new links for each of your marketing efforts so you can track their performance and expand on what is working the best for you
  5. Broadcast Emailer: For important team updates, and or new announcements
  6. Contact Leader Manager: Where you can easily find important details of all your leads and team members
  7. Event calendar: Set to YOUR time zone, so you will never miss another important company or team webinar, meeting or any other important deadline.
  8. Support Ticket System and FAQ section
  9. INFINii Resources: Documents, Videos and audio files of presentations and training on all things INFINii, done by both Team Ninjaz and INFINii.
  10. Other Marketing Material: Banners, example Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn posts. Images for Pintrest, Instagram and Tumblr….
  11. Marketing Training: Youtube, Facebook, Pintrest etc… Find one you like then learn to dominate it with our extensive training!
  12. Marketing Training Guests: Learn from some of the industry leaders who will be doing training webinars with our teams.
  13. Webinar presentation Invite system: Have your own webinar presentation that you can invite guests to, all pre-codded with your links
  14. Marketing Co-op’s: Want to build your team even faster? join in some of our paid marketing co-op’s where we have hired professionals to run cost effective marketing campaigns for us
  15. Plus a whole lot more!

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