How To Generate Free Network Marketing Leads

To Generate Free Network Marketing Leads, you need to have a system which helps you to promote your network marketing opportunity and it's products for you throughout the day.  There is a saying in the internet marketing niche that “there is no free traffic”.  The same is really true about free network marketing leads.  You will pay for them either by buying network marketing leads from a provider or by spending your time working to generate the network marketing leads yourself.  In a previous article, I discussed why you should not buy leads and that your marketing and prospecting efforts will generate a better quality of network marketing leads than those that you can buy.

There are several ways to generate free network marketing leads..

  1. Using Facebook Marketing
  2. Using Video Marketing
  3. Blogging (Content Marketing )
  4. Twitter Marketing
  5. Active Prospecting
  6.  Using Other Social Media Platforms and methods to Attract Leads


Using Facebook to Generate Free Network Marketing Leads

How To Generate Free Network Marketing LeadsThere was a statistic floating around several years ago, that based on the number of people that use Facebook, if it were a country it would be the 3rd largest country in the world.  I'm sure that the number of Facebook users has only grown since then, so in short, almost everyone that you want to reach is probably a Facebook user.  Facebook provides you with an endless stream of prospects and potential customers and is one of the best platforms to generate free network marketing leads.  If you'd like to generate mlm leads with facebook,  download my free facebook marketing cheat sheet by clicking here.  Also Jessica Higdon provides an excellent Facebook marketing Course.

Using Video Marketing to Generate Free Network Marketing Leads

Video Marketing is probably one of the fastest ways to start generating leads.  These days, many people are using Youtube, the worlds second most used search engine to search for answers to their questions.  As such, if you consistently produce videos which inform and/or entertain your audience you will find that video marketing is yet another very effective way to get free network marketing leads on autopilot. You can click here to access my free training for video marketing.

Blogging to Generate Free Network Marketing Leads

Have you ever heard of Ray Higdon?  There was a time in the network marketing sphere where he was an unknown and aside from doing his daily prospecting hustle, he was blogging every day.  Now he is a household name amoungst us Network Marketers and his blog generates a endless stream of prospects and sales for his business.   Blogging is probably one of the best long-term strategies for generating free network marketing leads.  It requires that you consistently generate engaging content for your target audience and that you promote that content so that those that are looking for your content can find it.  One of the best courses out there is Ray Higdons “3 Minute Expert”, you can purchase that course here.  Also you can take a look at this article for hints on blogging.

Twitter Marketing

I was listening to this Twitter training the other day, and this guy said that Twitter has become the heartbeat of the world.  His point was that in many cases you can find information on Twitter before you can in any other media outlet.  As such if you want to know what is going on in the world, you should be on twitter.  As a network marketers, Twitter is an excellent source of traffic.  You can literally drive thousands of people to your content each day and get tons of people's eyes on your opportunity, if you use it properly.  I know one guy who literally generates over 100 free network marketing leads each day using Twitter.  If you want access to his FREE training, click here.

Active Prospecting

All of the previously mentioned methods of getting free network marketing (not including facebook marketing) are passive methods of marketing your business.  The fastest way to generate free network marketing leads is to engage in active prospecting.  Active prospecting involves getting out there ( either in the real world or in cyberspace ) and networking, meeting people and getting your opportunity, products and services in front of people.  The more people, the better.  You can use Facebook and Twitter to do this as well.  You can find conversations on Twitter and interject yourself into them, you can also build a network on Facebook and introduce your business to your new Facebook friends on a daily bases.  Many Facebook users provide tons of information about themselves (phone numbers, interests, etc. ) which you can use to prospect them. If you are not online, the tried and true toe-to-toe methods of prospecting still work as well.  Get out to the malls and just meet people and arrange to show them your business.

Other Ways to Generate Free MLM Leads

Everyday there seems to be some new social media platform  created that can be used by network marketers to “get the word out” about their network marketing opportunity.  What I have listed above are just a few of the tools that are available and that I use regularly in my business, as always, I recommend that you are constantly involved in active prospecting and that as you explore  the different social media platforms, that you pick one and master it ( to the point that you can consistently generate 10-20 leads/day using that platform, before moving on to the next platform.

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