Twitter content  for most people just consists of a bunch of random tweets that have no intended outcome and Twitter  itself is just another social platform on which they can connect to friends and family and to stay up to date on trending topics.  However, if you are in business, Twitter is also a platform upon which you can build your brand, expose your products and services and grow your business.  Unlike the “casual” twitterer, you as a business owner should always tweet on purpose.  Every piece of content that you tweet out, should do one of the following…

  1. Help you define your brand
  2. Help you build your audience
  3. Allow you to engage with your audience
  4. Help you to generate leads and connect with potential customers and clients.

As such, you should carefully plan your daily tweets so that your twitter content accomplishes these functions.  Unlike the average person, you should purposely include the following content types in your daily tweets.

Value Content

This Twitter content includes free value based content such as webinars,  blog posts, videos, interviews, and anything else that your audience can use to help them solve their problems.  For instance, if you are a personal trainer, you might want to tweet out the exercise of the day, or some diet tip that would help your prospective customers meet their fitness goals.  Value content will help you to build your audience, and define your brand.

Lifestyle Content

Lifestyle Twitter content includes any and everything that you might want to post about you.  Pictures of trips, events, your family, your dog – whatever helps your audience get to know more about you.  The value of this content lies in the fact that it makes you seem more like a real person, it makes you more relatable.  Through this content, people come to feel as though they know you, and people buy from people that they know, like and trust.
how to create good twitter content

Branded Quotes

People love to read inspirational, motivational quotes, and there tons of them out there.   A percentage of your Twitter content should consist of a number of images which contain famous quotes.   These images should contain both the quote and your branded logos, tags, etc.  This will make people associate these quotes with you and your brand.

Value Funnels

Value funnels is where the Twitter content rubber hits the road and you will be able to begin generating leads for your business.  This content consists of value that you offer in exchange for contact information and should contain links to lead capture pages.  Your content should not contain too many of these links as it might make you appear spammy.

By consistently tweeting out Value Content, Lifestyle content, Branded quotes, and Value Funnel content, you will begin to grow your audience, connect with them  and if you have accurately targeted your audience, you will begin to generate leads, sales and build your business.



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