DS Domination Genesis Review

DS Domination Review, DS Domination, Make Money online, work from home, home based business


DS Domination Genesis Review

DS Domination Genesis is all about FBA… or Fulfillment by Amazon. Now, I don't like to get all hypey but I can say that DS Domination Genesis is a game changer. I mean you are talking about people who make $100K per month on Amazon using the exact methods that were released in DS Domination Genesis.
This DS Domination Genesis Review talks about all the stages of DS Domination Genesis. We have DS Domination Genesis Traditional, DS Domination Genesis U.S. DS Domination Genesis Dream, DS Domination Genesis Easy. I will break them all down right here for you.
DS Domination Genesis Traditional basically teaches the traditional method of sourcing products cheaply from China and having them shipped to Amazon fulfillment centers. Amazon will then handle all of the sales, shipping and customer service for you and you get paid!

DS Domination takes the Hassle out of finding suppliers

DS Domination Genesis Dream is really cool. If you ever had an idea of a product, DS Domination has an agreement with the former VP of Mattel to help you design a protocol and invent a product. Now you can be the only seller in the world with your product and just dominate Amazon.
DS Domination takes out all the hassle by sourcing reputable Chinese suppliers as well as teaching you the right way to do this method
DS Domination Genesis U.S. teaches you how to access wholesalers and liquidators directly within the US. In fact, DS Domination signed an exclusive agreement with a liquidator in Los Angeles where you can get stuff at 5% of retail cost and have them ship directly to Amazon Fulfillment Centers. This means no more waiting on China!

DS Domination Genesis Easy might be the best part of DS Domination Genesis. DS Domination co-owner Hitesh designed an app where you can now go out to stores to scan products. The app will tell you how much that item is selling for on Amazon, how many you can expect to sell and what your profit margins will be. That means you can scan anything while you shop and know if it's worth purchasing to send into Amazon.

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DS Domination Review, DS Domination, Make Money online, work from home, home based business





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