10 Do’s and Don’ts of Online Network Marketing – 5 Don’ts

When I first started my Network Marketing business, like so many new Network Marketing Business owners, I was excited about my new venture and wanted to share it with everyone that I came in contact with.  So with business cards in hand , I would go to shopping centers and coffee shops approaching complete strangers and trying to immediately share my new opportunity with them.  The offline strategies taught me by my upline tended to work when prospecting toe-to-toe, but somehow didn't seem to translate when I started marketing online.   But I finally found a system that helped me to begin to master online network marketing.  In the process I discovered the following 10 do's and don'ts of online network marketing

The 5 DON’Ts of Online  Network Marketing

1. Don't Spam Friends and Family With Business Pitches

ThDo's and don'ts of network marketingis might be the first thing that you're tempted to do when you start prospecting on social media: sending out private messages to friends and family asking them to take a look at the business, or listen to a presentation…  Everything that you post, communicates something about your state of mind and the state of your business.  By spamming your friends and family are are telling them that you are desperate and that you need their help.  No wants to be on a sinking ship, and spam communicates that your business is sinking fast!

2. Don't Send Unsolicited Links

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Have you ever had your phone ring and when you answer the phone it's some automated system trying to sell you something?  And when you hang up, the system just keeps calling you back?  Yeah, nobody likes that, especially on social media.Social media is about being social.  People don't go on Facebook, or Twitter, or Instagram (etc., etc.) looking to buy products.  They go on to connect with family and friends and see what's going on in the world.

That doesn't mean that people won't buy from you on social media.  It just means that you have to learn how to do it the right way.  And sending unsolicited links to people is not the way to do it.​

3. Don't Lead With Your Wallet

walletWhen you first joined your business opportunity, I bet that you were so excited that you wanted to share the products and the business with everyone.  If you were like me, then your upline even needed to slow you down and train you a little bit before you ran off like a runaway rocket with no direction.

You're pumped about the products and you know that what you're doing can help not only you and your family, but others as well.

That's how everyone starts.  And most people, unless they've been trained well by someone who's already seen success, will go onto social media and lead with their wallet.

What does that mean?

That means that they pitch anyone and everyone in sight.  They pitch the products and the business with the end goal of filling up their wallet.

In fact, you may be “leading with your wallet” and not even realize it, but if you look back it’ll become clear that some of your initial posts are centered solely around your business and why people should join/buy your products…

…without you ever learning if who you’re targeting would benefit.

4. DON’T Post Pictures of Cash or Cars

Don'ts of Network MarketingThis screams “I'm desperate! Please Join my Business Opportunity!”  You should avoid these types of posts at all costs because they reveal you as an amatuer and are just not effective.  These types of posts are also annoying , unprofessional and give those of us in the MLM industry a bad name.   Though these types of posts may attract a few people , they repel most.

5. DON’T Spam FB Groups with Links to Your Opportunity


Okay, I’ll keep this one short. Stop spamming FB groups because it’s just bad for the whole industry. You’re giving people more reason to hate MLM because of this very unprofessional behavior. Learn how to respect the FB group’s rules. If a group is about investing, then stick to investing topics. If the group is about photography, then stick to photography posts.

If you've done any of these things already (I know I did when I first started!) then don't worry…. Just take a few minutes to switch gears and focus on the RIGHT WAY to build a network marketing business online.


Wishing You Abundant Health, Wealth and Peace

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