Using An Attractive Character to Market Your Business

Using an Attractive Character to Market Your MLM BusinessDo you have an Attractive Character that draws people into your MLM business?  Several years ago, when I first got started in online marketing and network marketing, I found this guy online who had achieved a degree of success on the internet that I aspired to.  Now what really drew me to him was not simply the degree of success that he had achieved, but that he had come from a background that was similar to my own and had faced some of the same challenges that I had faced.  In fact, the first time that I saw him on a Google hangout telling his story, I thought…

  1. This guy and I come from very similar backgrounds
  2. I like this guy
  3. I trust what he is telling me, and
  4. If he could achieve this level of success, so could I!

Now I wouldn't call him a guru, but what I would say that he had learned how to develop what is called an “Attractive Character” to help him market his network marketing business opportunity.

So what is an attractive character?  Do you remember Jared of Subway or how about Flo from Progressive Insurance, or the guy who used to say “Do You Hear Me now” from Verizon.  Each of these were attractive characters developed by the companies that they represented to help them sell their products and services.

Developing an Attractive Character To Build Your Network Marketing Business

Attractive Characert for Your MLM business

As a network marketer,  you have to develop your own attractive character and be able to find interesting ways to introduce that persona to your audience.   As a network marketer, in most cases YOU will be your attractive character.  In fact one of the key principles of attraction marketing is that you should brand and market YOU, not your business opportunity and developing your attractive character is part of building your brand.  As you expose your business opportunity to others, you might find it beneficial at some point to develop other attractive characters as well.  For instance, you might want to promote the attractive characters of one of your team members who have achieved  success by following your coaching.

When developing your attractive character you have to ask yourself, “How attractive is my character?”  “How interesting am I to watch.”  If I were on a television show ( or youtube video), why would anyone watch me?”

In the next article, I will reveal to you what makes up an attractive character and the things that you need to consider when developing your own attractive character to help you market your MLM business opportunity.

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