MLM Success Tip: Developing Your Attractive Character

In my last article, I described what an attractive character is, and why you should develop your own attractive character to help you in your attraction marketing efforts.  In this article I am going to explain the factors that make up an attractive character and how you should use them to develop your own attractive character for your mlm business.

Attraction Marketing Tip: Define The Attributes of Your Attractive Character



In developing your Attractive Character, you will need to develop each of the following elements.

Backstory:  Every good attractive character has to have a backstory.  Your backstory will reveal to your audience where you came from. By revealing your backstory, people will begin to relate to you and if their backstory is similar to their own, they will begin to follow you and will want to follow the path that you have to achieve the level of success that you have.
Parables:  The Attractive Character speaks in parables – You will teach by telling stories of your life.
Character Flaws:  Every good attractive character has character flaws.  I'm an old comic book fan, and I always found Marvel characters more interesting than the DC Comics (Superman) characters specifically because the Marvel characters had flaws.  Iron Man dealt with alcoholism, Spiderman felt guilty about his selfish act which led to the death of his Uncle. While the DC characters like Superman were pretty much flawless.  When developing your attractive character you have to have the bravery to expose some of your flaws so that people can relate to you.
Polarity:  Think Donald Trump.  He has a huge group of people who love him and probably a larger group of people who hate him, but both groups are tuning in to Trump's tweets just to see what he is going to say next.  You have to develop a degree of polarity in your attractive character as well.  You have to make it so that when you say something, there will be a group of people who hate everything that you have to say and another group (preferably larger ) that are just raving fans.
mlm success tips branding developing your attractive character


When you create your attractive character you have to chose one of the following identities that define how you will lead your audience.

The Leader:  This personality type says, “Hey, I'm the leader, come follow me and do what I'm doing!”
The Adventurer/Crusader: This personality type is out there doing cool stuff, living the lifestyle that you want to be living and telling you about the adventures that they are living.  People see the adventurer and want to follow that.
The Reports/Evangelist:  This persona type basically interviews and reports on the success of others. This is a good place for beginners to start.
The Reluctant Hero:  This personality type usually comes off as being shy and reluctant in sharing, but due to moral responsibility comes out to share his knowledge with others.

Story Lines

Loss and Redemption: This story line usually involves telling a story about how you through some tradgedy lost all that you had worked for and then found a way to recover.
Us vs. Them:  This ties back to polarity.  You have to start segmenting your audience between people who hate you and who are stark raving fans of yours. The us's are those who will buy from you and the “thems” are people who you offend and would never buy from you anyway.
Before and After:  Think about weight loss.  This storyline explains your attractive characters state both before and after he/she found a particular product or service. Can you tell a before and after story about your attractive character.
Amazing  Discovery: I found the coolest  greatest thing in the world, want to find out!!!  Use this storyline to show people some cool trick that will help them solve their problem.
Secret Telling:  Think Kevin Trudeau…  The secrets of money that they didn't want you to know.  People like being told “secrets” that are being revealed by “insiders”
3rd Person Testimonials:  Finding testimonials from others and sharing them with your audience.

To develop your attractive character you will need to consider each of the factors listed above and use them to craft an interesting persona that draws people to you.   If you are a network marketer, keep in mind that your attractive character will most likely be YOU and that your storylines and backstories that you develop should be true and represent your journey.


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