How to Deal with Difficult Ebay Buyers

How to Deal with Difficult Ebay Buyers If you are an eBay seller, you will have to work with difficult eBay buyers. As traditional retailers do, you may also have trouble with some customers. While the many amazon buyers are more than pleasurable to deal with, there are some that can “ruffle your feathers. While your first thought may be to give a horrible eBay buyer a piece of your mind, you may want to abstain from doing so, particularly if you rely on your eCommerce business to generate income for your family.

When it comes to dealing with difficult eBay buyers, one problem that commonly occurs is to use your current public sale listings. It's not uncommon to get a  message from a buyer requesting that you decrease your price on one of your listed items. In fact, many buyers will mention that other eBay sellers have the same items outlined for less. If and when this ever happens to you, you will want to keep it cool. You should simply suggest that you are unable to lower your price. Graciously suggest to the eBay buyer in question that if they happen to be looking for more affordable prices, they have to consider doing business with an eBay seller who offers more affordable merchandise. The decision as to whether or not you want to lower your eBay prices is yours to make, but you should never feel pressured into doing so.

Another situation that commonly arises on eBay, concerning difficult buyers, is the payment process. There are many eBay buyers who make the mistake of presuming that all eBay vendors accept the same methods of payments, but not all do. One of the most frequent methods of payment accepted is PayPal. Should you at present do not have a PayPal account, you may want to look into establishing a PayPal account. Regardless of what methods of payments you decide to  accept, you should outline them in your listings. Certainly, eBay has a section for that, but, unfortunately, not all sellers make their way down to that section. Should you have a buyer that wishes to make alternative agreements, you need to use your best judgment. If perhaps you cannot reach an agreement, eBay should be notified.

Another of the common problems that arise on eBay, with difficult eBay buyers, is those who will not pay. With eBay, if you bid on an public sale and win it, you are in charge of making payment; however, that doesn't mean that everyone does. When requesting payment from a non-paying eBay buyer, you will want to stay professional when doing so.  By simply sending a few reminder emails you should be able to keep the positive, professional image. If you don't hear anything from your non-paying eBay buyer, you really should contact eBay after about a week. eBay has a procedure that allows you to get your fees back, as well as a process that will gives non-paying eBay potential buyers a negative feedback score.

Additionally it is not uncommon for eBay buyers to be unhappy with the item that they purchased and received from you. In such a situation, you need to also use your best judgment. To prevent a problem from occurring, you will want to be sure that you provide a detailed description of whatever you can sell, as well as numerous pictures. It is also suggested that you outline a return policy, if  you actually have one. Should you intentionally or unintentionally mislead an eBay buyer, you should to to e rectify the situation; however, stand firm if you are being scammed or “taken for a ride.

All these situations are simply a some of the many that you may come across as an eBay Seller. No matter what situation arises, you are recommended to use your very best judgement and also keep the cool. In the end, you will be glad that you did.


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