Day 7: MLM Boot Camp

Welcome to day # 7 of My MLM Boot Camp!


Today is the final day of your training.  This session is called “putting it all together.”  We will summarize everything we have covered so far and provide some final insights.  I hope you have enjoyed the training so far. During the past six sessions, we have covered the following topics:


Day 1: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of MLM

Day 2: Top 10 Reasons People Fail in MLM

Day 3: Top 10 Things You Need to Succeed in MLM

Day 4: Creating Your Game Plan for Success

Day 5: How to Build Your MLM Business Offline

Day 6: How to Build Your MLM Business Online

When it comes to MLM Success it takes a serious commitment, discipline and lots of hard work. You might not have ever heard that when you first got involved with the industry, but it is the truth. I can speak from personal experience by telling you need the same attributes to build ANY type of successful business.  There is no such thing as “get rich quick” or “easy success” in any business.  If you want to get rich quick, quit the industry and take a vacation to Las Vegas.


If you are truly serious about building your own MLM Empire, you must continue working, even after the initial enthusiasm is gone.  The “honeymoon period” will eventually fade, normally within 90 to 120 days.  After you lose your initial enthusiasm you will find out how serious you really are about building a successful network marketing business.

One of the best things you can do, from this day forward, is educate yourself. If you haven’t done so already, check out my recommend resources page and reading list. There are lots of great resources on those pages that can help you shorten your learning curve.


If you are new to the industry, you definitely need to learn a whole new set of skills. You need to learn how to recruit, train, lead, and motivate others. And you need to learn marketing and leadership. These skills take time to learn.  How long your learning curve takes is determined by your skill-set, motivation and previous experience.  In most cases it will take you a few years to develop these skills.


If I had to sum up everything in this MLM Boot Camp in nutshell and give you a FORMULA for SUCCESS in your business, it would be:


  1. Find a Company with Great Products You are Passionate About


  1. Make a MINIMUM Five Year Commitment to That Company


  1. Determine Your Why for Doing the Business


  1. Find a Mentor in Your Upline Who Is Already Successful Who Can Help You


  1. Develop a Written Strategy to Build Your Business (Business & Marketing Plan)


  1. Create a Daily Mode of Operations for Your Business


  1. Sponsor minimum one new person a week for three to five years


  1. Learn from Your Mistakes and Make Adjustments Along the Way


  1. Be a Student of Your Business (Read, Listen to Tapes and Attend Seminars)


  1. Never Quit


If you do that, there’s no doubt in my mind that you will eventually succeed in your business. But please don’t kid yourself.  Success is often disguised as HARD WORK!


I hope my 7 Day MLM Boot Camp helped you out.  I hope you will share this with people on your team and like us on Facebook. Here’s to your success!


If you’re looking for a mentor and a new team to join, you can learn more about what I do.


If not, good luck with your current business!

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