MLM Success Tips: How To Create a Killer Twitter Profile!

Do you have a Killer Twitter Profile?  If you are using Twitter to build your business or want to begin Twitter Marketing, one of the most important things that you can do is to create  profile which will entice people to follow you.  Below are a few things that you should do to optimize your Twitter profile.

Your Twitter Profile Picture

  • You should have a professional picture of you on your profile
  • Not your product
  • Not your logo.
  • No Products, Pets, or significant others unless your brand includes them.

Your Banner Image

Your banner image should contain…

  • Your Name
  • Your Brand Name
  • Your Brand Logo
  • Your “What's in it for Me” ( Why would your audience follow you… What's in it for them )
  • Your Blog URL
  • Your Social Media Handles

how to optimize your twitter profile  Your Location

  • You should complete the location information on your profile…
  • If you leave your location blank you cut your reach by 25%.
  • Putting everywhere or “International” will cut your reach by 25%.
  • Putting only your country will cut your reach by 10%.
  • According to Twitter, your best exposure comes from Specifying you city and state as it shows up in the drop down menus.

Your Mobile Number

  • Add your mobile number to your profile.
  • Turn off notifications
  • This is strictly so that you can unlock your account.

Twitter profile


Your Bio

Your Tter Profile bio should include all of the following information…

  • Your “What's in it for me statement”
  • A Strong Call to action going to FREE Value.
  • A Link to your free value
  • Hashtags ( include 2-3 )
  • Emojis ( include 2-3)
  • If you are cross promoting your Twitter accounts, include your cross-promoted twitter account.



Welcome Video

  • Your Welcome video will be part of your pinned tweet and should include the following…
  • Your Bio as stated on your profile.
  • Video should include captions ( this increases your engagement by 40%).
  • You Video tweet must be pinned in order for it to be the first thei thing that new followers see.
  • Your video must be under 2 minutes and 20 seconds long

By implementing these simple tips in your Twitter profile, you will increase your reach, your exposure and the exposure of your brand, products and opportunities.


Wishing You Peace, Abundance and Prosperity,

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