Which Network Marketing Company Has the Best Training

network marketing trainingThere are hundreds of network marketing companies out there ranging from Amway to Ziga International.  Each of these companies have their strengths and weaknesses when it comes to training new reps.   Because there are so many companies out there, it is really impossible to say which company provides the best network marketing training.  Obviously when choosing a network marketing company you should ask questions about what type of training is available for new distributors.  Also try to determine how much support you will receive from your upline.

There are basically two approaches to marketing your network marketing business:

  1. Online
  2. Offline

Your approach to marketing your business will depend on your goals and your personality.  I know people who love offline marketing and can't wait to hit the malls and coffee shops looking for prospects.  And I know others who are recruiting machines when it comes to online network marketing.  You will need to acquire training in both strategies.

Offline Network Marketing Training

As far as offline network marketing training goes, most of the network marketing companies are probably comparable when it comes to teaching the offline techniques. Most of the network marketing training will teach you the tried and true toe-to-toe network marketing techniques.  Generally speaking they will all teach you to start by

  1. Building a list of all of your friends and family
  2. Building a list of all of your past business partners ( former work associates, bosses etc )
  3. Creating a list of anyone that you have patronized as a customer ( The butcher, the Baker, and the Candlestick maker ).

After you have made the lists, they then tell you to contact all of the people on your list and prospect them.


Online Network Marketing Training

These days many people, myself included, prefer  online network marketing.  Primarily because the internet provides you with access to people across the globe whereas with Offline marketing, you are limited to the local area and the number of people that you can physically contact each day.  There really aren't that many companies out there that seem to have a good system for online network marketing training.  I've been involved with one company whose business is based on internet marketing and even their system didn't provide the online network marketing training that I needed to succeed in that business. So I looked elsewhere and found this system which provides a complete network marketing training curriculum.  Again, it is hard to say which network marketing company provides the best online network marketing training.  There are several companies out there that provide network marketing training.  The one that I recommend  is My Lead System Pro.  You can check out a $10 trial of that network marketing training system here.

There are a growing number of ways to market your Network Marketing Business online, ranging from Facebook marketing, to Twitter, to  Pinterest and Instagram.  Each of these marketing channels has its own set of techniques and rules.  I suggest that you choose one technique and focus on it until you are able to generate 10-20 leads each day using that channel.

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