Becoming a Top Recruiter In Your MLM in 90 Days

network marketing leaderBecoming a top recruiter in your Network Marketing Business in the next 90 days is not that difficult if you know how to do it. Below I will outline a simple 3-stage action plan that you should follow to reach this goal

In this day of Internet Network Marketing,  all the buzz is about branding yourself and building a following.  But as a new network marketer, your focus should be on creating leads, sales and getting immediate results so that you can stay in business.

Becoming a Top Recruiter

Becoming a Top Recruiter in 90 Days:  Stage 1

During the first 30 days of your new MLM venture, you MUST focus on promoting your business.   If you have joined a good company, they have provided you with all sorts of materials such as

  • Brochures
  • Pamplets
  • Flyers
  • CDs
  • Video Presentations
  • Lead Capture pages, etc.

That you can use to promote your business.  During this first stage of your business your objective should be to get as many eyes on this “done-for-you” material as is possible.  In becoming a top recruiter, you must first lean on the success of others who created this material to build your business.  As you promote these materials, just lead your prospective business partners to the material and step out of the way.  It is not your job to sell them the business, your job is to literally “Lead the Horse to Water”, then let them drink.  If it is for them then great, if not, that's great too.

The key here is not to go out and start creating websites and lead capture pages at this point.  If your company has provided you with these materials then use them.  Spend your time promoting and not developing systems or branding yourself.

Your first 30 days should be spent just promoting your products and services so that you can generate leads.  As a full-time network marketer, it should be your goal to generate at least 100 leads per week.  If you are part-time then set your goal to 50 leads per week and get to work!  Create success in generating leads, customers, and business partners.

At this stage need to do the following

  1. Produce a product result ( if you are in a weight loss program, you should be able to show your results as a consumer of the product )- You want to become a “product of the product”.
  2. Produce an income result, where you can show what you produced as a result of being a partner in your network marketing company.
  3.  Start Building  stories of your own that you should be documenting for later use as you continue to produce results.


Becoming a Top Recruiter in 90 Days:  Stage 2

Once you have created a degree of success by following the systems that have been provided by your leadership, you can then start telling your success stories and becoming a spokesman for the company.  During the first 30 days, you should have consumed the products of your company and have become a product of the product.  At this stage you should have a story to tell about your own personal success on both the business side and the product side.  And now you can start adding your own “flavor” to your recruiting process.  During this stage you must still be a promoter.  So now you may promote using your own stories, you must still focus on promoting..

On your path to becoming a a Top Recruiter in 90 Days, this stage will be spent…

  1. Promoting –  Still using the done-for-you materials.
  2. Customizing the presentations adding your story
  3. Continuing to build upon the successes achieved during stage 1.
  4. Continue to leverage the success of others to promote yourself.

By following this approach you will become a personality that people will become to know, like and trust.  During this stage you will start taking lots of pictures, and begin promoting yourself as a spokes person for your company. You will also begin to understand the numbers behind your business and will come to know how many times you have to promote before you get a certain number of leads and sales.  And because you have learned how to promote during the first stage, you can now use those lessons to promote yourself as a personality.

Becoming a Top Recruiter in 90 Days: Stage 3

At this stage, you have begun to establish a track record for producing results as a recruiter and in product sales.  It is at this point that you can begin to develop your brand.  You might create your branded web site, lead capture pages, email autoresponders and so on at this time.  You have a solid story to tell and can show other how to produce the results that you have produce.  And now you get to be the superstar.  You can now start creating your own content, sales funnels and train people on exactly the things that you did to reach stage 3.

By following this 3 stage plan,  you will build your foundation in network marketing utilizing the systems that were provided and in becoming a top recruiter you will learn more ( and earn more ) and become a professional network marketer, you begin to create content and training material that can then be used by your new partners to do exactly what you have done.

Keep in mind that what people are out there looking for is a leader that will show them the way to success.  If you follow these steps to becoming a top recruiter, you will become that leader that those folks are looking for!

Wishing You Abundant Health, Wealth and Peace

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