Network Marketing Success Tips: How to Become a Professional Network Marketer

Whether you are a new network marketer or someone who has been struggling in your business for some time, your current state is that of an amatuer.  You are probably not making any money in your business and are having difficulty recruiting and selling product.  If you are serious about achieving success in your business, you have to change your mindset.  You have to transform yourself from an amatuer to a professional.  Below are 4 things that you need to do  to shift your mind to the mindset of a professional…

You must see yourself and conduct yourself as a professional

  1. Don't see yourself as a network marketer… See yourself as the owner of a global internet marketing business.  Because that's what you.  Given the ability to recruit people from around the world into your business you have the potential of growing your business across the globe.  So stop seeing yourself and your business as a small network marketing business and conduct yourself like the global business that you are.
  2. Establish a “Brand” of your own.  Use your name, not the name of the company or its products.  Your company has millions of dollars that it uses to promote its brand, you on the other hand have to establish and promote your own brand.
  3. You are your business not your network marketing company.  So you should spend your time and money promoting  You must think of your network marketing company as a producer of one of the products that you promote.  Think Walmart…  Walmart markets and sells thousands of products but it isn't attached to any particular product or brand other than it's own brand, and neither should you be.
  4. Set realistic expectations.  You own a business, not a part time job.  So treat your business like a business, not a hobby or some side project.

Use the Techniques of Professionals

  1. As a professional you should continuously engage in personal development and learn the skills that differentiate you from the amateurs.
  2. The “magic” of network marketing lies in the mastery of a number of simple yet effective marketing techniques.
  3. New knowledge is not power but it is the potential power behind your success in network marketing.
  4. True power will lie in your application of the knowledge that you gain.

Use The Tools of  a Professional

Visualization for business successImagine a doctor performing surgery without a surgical kit or a professional golfer trying to win a match while using the equipment of an amateur golfer.  It doesn't make sense in either of those scenarios, and it doesn't make sense for you to try to run your business without the tools that are used by the professionals.

Borrow the Credibility of Others Until You Own it Yourself.

Many people tell you to “fake it until you make it”.  This speaks to the attitude that you must approach your business with, but it does not mean that you should present yourself as something/someone that you are not.

If you haven't made any money in the business yet, then be truthful, but borrow the credibility of those in your upline who has.

Don't try to impress your prospects with yourself when you are just getting started, instead refer to your team leaders, your mentors and point to the potential success that your prospects may enjoy by joining under those same proven leaders.

So make up your mind right now that you are a professional and commit to developing your knowledge and skills, and you move forward in developing your International Marketing Business, you will gain the knowledge, credibility and have all the tools that you as a professional need to continually grow your business.

Wishing You Peace, Abundance and Prosperity,

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