9 Characteristics of Successful Home Business Owners

9 Characteristics of Successful Home Based Business Owners

As a Home Based Business owner, you are unlike many of your friends and family.  In fact, many of your friends, family and co-workers probably look at you as though you were some strange 3-eyed monkey that they just can't figure out.  Don't worry about that.  You come from a different mold and they will probably never understand you or why you insist on being such a dreamer.

You are not alone, there are millions of people just like you who wake up every morning and go to work on building their dream life in their own way. The trick is to find others who have done what you are trying to do and to follow their lead.

What follows are 9 characteristics of Successful home business owners, that you need to emulate as you go about building your own successful home business.

Successful Home Business Owners Set Goals

 “Without Goals and Plans to Reach Them You are like a ship that has set sail with no destination”

If you don't set goals for your business, how will you ever how can you ever measure how well your business is doing.  How will you know if you are making progress or not?  If you don't set measurable goals for your business, then you are really just wasting your time – just spinning your wheels. Because you have no idea as to where you are taking your business or how long it should take to get there.

Successful Home Business Owners Don't Re-Invent the Wheel.

Another saying that you will see floating around the home-based business space is, “Success leaves clues!” Basically what this means is that more likely than not, someone has already done what it is that you are doing.  So model their success.  Do what they did if you want to get what they've got.

Successful Home Business Owners are Persistent, Consistent and Resilient

One of my favorite quotes is from Og Mandino's “The Greatest Salesman” is,  “I will persist until I succeed!”  As any successful business owner can tell you, there will be tough times, there will be times when the lights are about to go out or when you can't make payroll, but the key to your success is your persistence.  Never, Ever, Ever, Ever Quit!

Be Consistent – This is especially true if you are marketing your business online.  As you build your audience, they will come to expect you to consistently create content that educates,entertains, or inspires them.  You have to view your content creation strategy in much the same way that televsion stations view their programming schedule.  If you create content then you must, as the old Batman and Robin Show used to put it – create content “At the same Bat-Time on the Same Bat Channel!”

Your consistency also is relevant when it comes to your daily activity.  There daily income producing activities that you must complete every day, which is why you need to have a daily mode of operation which you consistently follow day in and day out.

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Successful Home Business Owners are Resilient

As previously mentioned, expect problems. Plan on them and be prepared to bounce back from them when they do occur.

Successful Home Business Owners Eliminate Dream Crushers

There are a lot of haters out there, looking for something to hate.  Your job is to eliminate those people from your life.  If you don't they will do their best to pull you down, to destroy your dreams.

Also you have to eliminate any other sources of negativity from your life.  For instance, the news can be depressing.  It's full of negative stories, which at the end of the day are outside of your influence to change.  You have to recognize what is inside your sphere of influence, work to change those things for the better and ignore everything that is outside of your sphere of influence… You can't change those things, so why worry about them.

Successful Home Business Owners Decide to be Successful and Don't look back.

It is said that, Captain Hernan Cortez ordered his troops to burn the ships when he decided to conquer Veracruz, thus eliminated any other exit strategy.  They would either win or die.

You to have the same conviction for your business as well.  Now, I'm not saying quit your job before your business is viable, but what I am saying is that you have to make up your mind about what you want and also decide that failure is not an option!

The word decide actually means “to cut off”.

If you are to  move forward in your business you will need to “cut off” many things.  Friends, habits, and way's of thinking.

Successful Home Business Owners Overcome Work To Overcome Their Inner Programming

In all honesty, this is probably one of the toughest challenges that you will face as you build your business.  I for one still struggle with the “programming” that I received while growing up.  You will have to do a lot of self analysis to determine what your strongholds are, what things inner blockades might be holding you back from your success, and commit to breaking through them.

Successful Home Business Owners Visualize Their Goals

Visualization is a powerful tool when it comes to programming your subconscious mind for success.  What's important about visualization is that it's not enough to “see” the goals as achieved, you have to experience the emotions that you would feel as though you had already achieved the goal.

You should take 20-30 minutes every morning, BEFORE you set off to your home office, and visualize your goals.

Successful Home Business Owners are  Open To Receive

Again, this is something that I personally struggle with.  I have always been a giver and at some level always felt a little uncomfortable receiving from others.  Some people don't believe that they are worthy of abundance.  Some might have fears around money that limit their openness to receiving money.

Whatever it is for you, you have to learn to 1st recognize that you are limiting your experience, and second that you will only receive that which you feel that you are deserving of.  This is another of those mindset topics that is just way too deep to go into here but know that you have to change your beliefs around receiving good from God/The Universe.

Wishing You Abundant Health, Wealth and Peace

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