5 Tips to Grow Your Facebook Audience and Increase Your Facebook Engagement

One of the things that I tell everyone who asks me about how to market their businesses on social media is to pick one platform, whether that be Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or whatever new platform that comes out tomorrow, and master marketing on that platform until you can consistently generate 10 leads each day.  One of the platforms that I market on is Facebook.  Primarily because it is one of the 3 largest Websites in the world and has billions of users (prospective customers, clients and team members ) that visit the site every single day.

But how do you get your message seen?  How can you best expose your products, services and opportunity to those that might be interested in it?

In this post, I am going to give you 5 tips that will help you to get people looking at your content and increase your engagement on Facebook.

Build Your Target Facebook Audience

Determine who your target audience is and build that audience.  You can do this by visiting Fan Pages, and looking for people who you might like to work with and then commenting on and liking their posts.  You may also send out friend requests but only send out about 3-5 each day.  By liking and commenting on the posts/comments of others, you will create curiosity and they will visit your page to see what you are up to in return.

Another way of building your audience is to go to Facebook groups where your target Facebook audience hangs out, and just like everyone's posts.  By doing this, you will create curiosity with people and they will be inclined to visit your page and consume your content.

Write Your Posts with Your Target Facebook Audience in Mind

Whenever you write a post, or share other content, you should first bring to mind exactly who it is ( your customer avatar ) that you wish to serve and write your post as though you are writing with that one specific person in mind.  Ask yourself, “How can I serve my target audience?” before you begin to write and then write with the purpose of informing, inspiring, or entertaining your audience.  Also, share a picture that further communicates the essence of your message.

how to grow your facebook audience

Live Your Life Through Social media

You've got to keep in mind that people do not get on Facebook to buy or to be sold stuff.  They are there to be informed, to be entertained, inspired or to catch up with friends and family.  So your social media posts should provide your prospective customers, clients and team members with what they are looking for.  One way to do this is to make your life a reality “TV” show.  Share your dreams, aspirations, activities, vacations, life events – Everything thing and anything appropriate for public consumption, with your audience.

Engage With Your Audience

When ever you see that someone has liked, shared or commented on a post of yours, you should “like” their comment and send a quick thank you, or comment on their comment.  This serves two purposes:

  1. It Increases your engagement with your audience
  2. It tells Facebook that it should send more of your content to the person that you are engaging with.

If you find that someone that you aren't friends with has liked, commented on, or shared your post, you should take a look at their profile, see if you can find any points of commonality, and send them a message.  You may also send them a friend request, though you might want to ask them for their permission first.


Live What You Learn…

As a business entrepreneur, you should continually invest in your personal development by reading daily, taking courses and getting additional coaching.  And as you grow, share your growth with your audience.  If you are building a business that requires you to build a team, then you want to lead by example.  You will attract what you are.  If you want people who are interested in growing themselves and a business to be attracted to you then you must continually grow yourself through personal development and education. Be a lifetime learner and share what you learn with the world.

If you do these 5 things, you will begin to get more page likes ( if you have a fan page ) more comments, likes and more friend requests.

Wishing You Abundant Health, Wealth and Peace

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