5 Social Media Marketing Mistakes that May Be Hurting Your Business

5 Social Media Marketing MistakesFacebook is one of the best platforms that you can use to promote your business, regardless of whether it is a small home based business, a network marketing business, or a huge multinational corporation.  It was reported that there were over 1.94 billion FaceBook users and many of them are looking for your business, services or opportunity.  But are you positioning yourself in a way to draw them to you or are you repelling your prospective customers, partners or clients by committing one of the 5 major Social Media Marketing mistakes…  If you are not sure, read on and see if you are committing one of these errors which might be hurting your chances of success in your social media marketing efforts.


Social Media Marketing Mistakes #1  – Constantly Pitching your business, products, opportunity or services

This is a major mistake that is made by at least 60% of all online marketers.  This is primarily due to the fact that they don't understand the one driving principle of Social Media Marketing – They should lead with value, not pitch.  If you clearly defined your target market, you should constantly provide content that they find valuable.  Whether that is a picture of you in some exotic location, or some tip that can help them solve a problem that they are facing.  The point is to start by asking how can I serve my audience, and then providing value.  You should maintain a healthy pitch/content ratio of about 10-20 percent pitch and 80-90% value.

Social Media Marketing Mistakes: #2 – Being Negative, overly Political or overly Religious in your Profile and Postings

Unless your target audience has strong political or religious stances, you should avoid posts or profile settings that might offend those who don't share your political Political or Religious beliefs.  This is not to say that you can't or shouldn't post positive spiritual messages, it just means that you need to be sensitive about the beliefs of your potential customers, clients and team members in such a way that you don't alienate them.

Negativity… Stay away from it.  No one want's to be associated with negative Nancies or Downer Daves.  So keep it Positive!!!!

Social Media Marketing Mistakes:  #3  –  Your Profile is not Optimized

This is a big one if you are using Facebook to prospect.  As you reach out to prospective customers, clients and team members, the first thing that they will do is to take a look at your profile.  If your profile is not set up correctly you might be making a bad first impression!  When it comes to your profile, it needs to answer the following questions for your prospects:

  1. Why would I want to engage with this person .
  2. Are they a person of value?
  3. What's in it for me?
  4. Is this person serious about his/her business?
  5. How do I contact them?

If your profile doesn't answer these questions, then you are probably driving people away from you rather than attracting them to you.

Social Media Marketing Mistakes:  #4   – Branding Your Company instead of You.

There is a saying that I'm seeing and hearing a lot these days… “People buy from people, not from companies!”  You have to keep this in mind when you are creating your profile and making your posts.  You want to connect to and engage with people through social media.  Become a “trusted advisor” – part of their “Facebook Family”. If you represent a specific company, avoid using your company branding.  Your company, if it's been around for any period of time has enough branding.  If you are trying to convince people to by from you, then you need to brand YOU!

So instead of using your company branding material in your Profile picture and your user name, BRAND YOU.  Get a professional photo of you and use that to start building a brand that people can come to know like and trust.


Social Media Marketing Mistakes:  #5  – Your Posts Don't Serve Your Audience's Needs

The one thing that you have to remember when posting on social media is that, aside from connecting to family and friends, the people use it to either be informed or entertained.  You must keep this in mind when making posts to either your personal profile or your professional fan page if you have one.  Keep your target audience in mind when making your posts.  Are your posts serving your intended audience?  Also as previously mentioned, you must strike a balance between producing content that serves your audience and promoting your business.  People do not get on Facebook or Twitter to be sold stuff.  Answer their questions, serve their need for content and keep the 80/20 rule in play. 80% Value 20% pitch.


Avoid these 5 Social Media Marketing Mistakes, and you will be well on your way to building your business, your brand and your income using Social Media!



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