5 Productivity Hacks For Your Home Based Business!

5 Productivity Hacks for Your Home Based BusinessAs home based business owners one of our greatest challenges is forcing ourselves to get done what consistently needs to get done, when it needs to get done. Since many of us work out of our homes, we have the distractions that come from working around our families. Kids, husbands, wives, pets and of course all of the other distractions like TV and the biggest of them all Facebook!

To avoid these distractions and to move your home-based business forward, you will have to master yourself and your time. What's that saying… “Life get's in the way..” So, one of your jobs is to

  • Stay positive keep everything i its proper perspective,
  • To keep going
  • continue to find ways to serve others ,
  • Produce content ( if you are in the business of content creation

As you go about executing your daily mode of operation, do so as if 1o million people were watching and do so with integrity.

So below are 5 Productivity Hacks that you should implement in your home-based business starting today!



I. Figure Out your office hours.

In doing this you have to compartmentalize every facet of your day.  You have to…

  1. Make time for your family.
  2. Make time for your health – exercise regularly
  3. Make Time for personal development.

Once you have established these zones, you have to be strict with yourself and your family about adhering to them.  When it's time to work on your business, don't allow your husband and children to interfere with that time.  And you shouldn't allow your work time to bleed into your family time.

II. Don't try to do everything.

You cannot make a million dollars if you are doing minimum wage work.  You need to outsource anything that pays less than you believe your time is worth.  Instead of cutting the grass yourself, pay someone to do it.  If you need to have a video transcribed to produce a blog post, then get someone else to do that.  There are tons of outsourcing sites out there like Fiverr and  Upwork.com are two sites that I use regularly.

III  Pick 3 main marketing strategies and stick with them.

Everyday there is a new online marketing platform/technique that presents itself to us online marketers.  Lot's of shiny objects.  Your task is to focus on mastering 3 platforms/tactics and stick with them.

IV. Create a short daily to-do list.

Instead of trying to get everything done in a day, relieve the pressure on yourself and your workday by creating a short list of 5 must do things and tackle them until they are done.

One of the problems that we face is that we find that there is just so much to do on a daily basis that we feel overwealmed and at the end of the day find that we've gotten nearly nothing done and as a result feel unaccomplished.  By creating a list that consists of a few important tasks that we can focus on and complete, we are more likely to get that work done and as a result, get a natural shot of endorphins ( feel good hormones ) that make the experience something that we want to repeat.

V.  When it's time to sit down for work… SIT DOWN FOR WORK!

Set a time limit for each task.

Use a timer that you will set at the beginning of each task and set it to go off at the end of the time limit ( I prefer 15 minute increments ).

And Eliminate all distractions…

  • Close down Facebook.
  • Put your children to bed.
  • Give your spouse a glass of wine and sit them in front of the boobtube.

By implementing these simple productivity hacks, you will find that you can get more done in less time and move closer to that 3 day work week that most of us would love to have.

Wishing You Peace, Abundance and Prosperity,

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