5 Awesome Social Media Tools To Grow Your Audience

social media automationWhat social media tools do you use?  One of the principles of growing your MLM business is to automate as much of your daily processes as you possibly can.  If you are using social media to build your audience and brand yourself, then there are a huge number of tools that are available out there that will help you to increase your reach and to automate your social marketing marketing tasks.  In this article I will introduce you to 5 tools that you can use daily to automate your social media activities.  Most of the tools listed below have fees associated with them and cost about $10-$20/month


Social Media Tool 1: Post Planner

Post Planner is a tool that allows you to gather and post content on your Facebook profile, Facebook pages and on Twitter.  It can be used to schedule your posts and provides tons of content that you can share on Facebook and Twitter.

Social Media Tool 2: HootSuite

HootSuite is a platform that allows you to create a dashboard where you can keep up with posts on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.  It is especially useful for engaging and interacting with your audience.  It also provides some automation tools that allow you to schedule your posts.

Social Media Tool 3: StatusBrew

Up until recently, StatusBrew  was a social media tool that could be used to grow and manage both your Instagram and Twitter audiences. However, recently due to some changes in Instagram's APIs StatusBrew can at this time, no longer be used with Instagram. I imagine that at some point StatusBrew will be compatible with Instagram, but until then you can still use StatusBrew to follow, un-follow and to grow your Twitter audience.   It's user interface is pretty intuitive and easy to use and you can usually complete your Twitter tasks within 10-20 minutes.

Social Media Tool 4: BufferApp

I use BufferApp along with a WordPress plugin to constantly republish my blog content to twitter.  With this social media tool  I can constantly provide content to my growing audience. BufferApp can also be used to automatically post content to your Facebook profiles and to schedule Instagram Posts


Social Media Tool 5: Facebook-Sharer

Facebook-Sharer is a server based social media tool that I use automate a good deal of my Facebook posting activities.  It allows me to automate posts to my Facebook groups, the various pages that I manage and to my personal profile.  Facebook-Sharer is a pretty flexible tool in that it allows you to use multiple profiles and create multiple ad campaigns and schedules.  Facebook-Sharer costs $49.


With these tools, you should be able to automate about 85% of your social media marketing tasks.  Be careful not to use these tools to spam your audience.  You must keep in mind that social media is SOCIAL and that, in order to grow your audience and build your brand you need to interact and engage with your audience, and always, always provide value!

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