The 4 Principles of Successful Network Marketing

If you are serious about building a successful network marketing business  you will need to understand these basic 4 principles..

  1. Edification
  2. ConsultationSuccessful Network Marketing
  3. Respect for
  4. Duplication

Successful Network Marketing Principle 1: Edification

No one is perfect.  Everyone has flaws.  But as a network marketer, you want to constantly focus on the good.  Keep a positive mental attitude and “speak no evil”.  As you edify others and continue to focus on the positive aspects of your business, your relationships and your life in general, the more you will find that positive things will begin to happen all around you!

Successful Network Marketing Principle 2: Consultation

If you are in an MLM you will have an up-line.  One way to help to insure that you are able to build a successful network marketing business, is by engaging your up-line in consultation.  By consulting with your upline you can develop a plan for your business, set objectives and learn about the offerings of your Network Marketing Businesses

Successful Network Marketing Principle 3: Respect for Cross-line

As a member of a network marketing distribution business, you will find that in your company there are different teams of distributors.  When we speak of respecting cross-lines we mean that you should honor the work and efforts of those other teams.  You should not speak badly about them, or try to steal their customers or prospective business partners.  You should edify those other teams, just as you should expect them to edify you and your team.

Network Marketing Success Principle 4: Duplication

The secret to having a huge network marketing business and long-term success is to have duplication in your team.  Your process of recruiting and selling should be simple and easily passed on to your new team members.  Your network marketing success is ultimately dependent upon your ability to duplicate yourself, your working practices and sales.  With duplication all of the members of your team will be doing the same simple things, at the same time, in the same ways.

Those are the 4 basic principles that will help you succeed in your network marketing business.  You must apply all 4 principles in order to attain the level of success in your network marketing business that you desire.

Wishing You Abundant Health, Wealth and Peace

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